Xbox 360 closes in on Wii's UK sales record | MCV

"The world’s eyes may be on PlayStation this month, but it is Xbox that is on the cusp of becoming the UK’s No.1 games console.

Xbox 360 has surpassed 8m UK sales and will overtake Wii in a matter of weeks"

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Nitrowolf21644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Eh if it does announced, everyone will know. Honestly it won't be just shown off there, UK gamers visit gaming sites to and everyone will report on it. Word of mouth is already spreading.

Root1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I'm pretty sure Newspapers will pick up on this aswell

The Sun did the same with the Wii U last year when that was revealed. HMV, GAME, Granger Games (or any other region based game store) etc will have posters up and update stuff on their websites with pre orders reminders

Do they think we're a third world country or something, oblivious to the world revolving around us /s

I love how MS takes digs at Sony because of their advertising instead of trying to get one over them by games or support...something which would actually benefit us

Skips1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

^^^ Agreed.

Pretty sure that the majority of people in EUROPE who own PS3's. Will know about the PS4 reveal.

It'll spread through word of mouth like wildfire for the people who live under rocks or don't watch anything related to the media. lol

Love how Microsoft are trying to downplay this.

Abash1644d ago

I dont think it was a dig at Sony, it sounded more like denial and wishful thinking that most wont hear about the PS4 being announced till it's near launch

EVILDEAD3601644d ago

'The key thing for my team is to focus on who is buying today. Whatever gets announced on February 20th, the majority of consumers in the UK won’t know. They’ll still want to buy the devices out there. So in terms of noise our job will be to ensure that the consumers that are going into stores, going online, still see and experience Xbox, rather than get lost in the industry chatter. Whatever is announced is important from an industry perspective, but we must remember who is buying right now.'

He saying it from the perspective of what his team has to worry about, which is what's on the shelves right now.

The fact is before, during, and after the conference Xbox 360s will still be selling. It's their job to continue promoting that process.

It's Sony's job to promoe and sell what they have coming as well. But, like he said that is all industry noise that us fans get all riled up about, but the general public doesnt even know about certain games and announcements after E3, so they definately won't be as aware as the hardcore after Feb 20th.

Exciting times nontheless


gaffyh1644d ago

This is so stupid, and sounds incredibly desperate on MS' part. If it is announced, it will be plastered on almost of gaming news outlet there is, and will almost definitely be picked up by the newspapers and the TV news shows.

morganfell1644d ago

“the majority of UK consumers won’t know” about “whatever gets announced on February 20,”

What he is really saying is that UK consumers are a group of uninformed clods.

Sand farmers in the Sahara willknow about the PS4 announcement on the day it happens. It is rather insulting as well as transparently desperate to suggest UK consumers are living under a rock so large that news sure to be carried everywhere will not reach them.

The only reason they would not know is if they are intentionally oblivious. Not a kind way to view your consumers.

He apparently assumes that everyone else will be like him on the February 20th - hiding in a cave on the ocean floor singining loudly with his fingers in his ears and his head buried in the dirt.

greenpowerz1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I think most people have it wrong. I hear some people saying MSFT is scared or got cought with their pants down. I think Sony knows what's up with MSFT/720 from their E3 planning. And don't want to be overshadowed. This Sony event ensures Sony can get as much hype as possible for PS4 without sharing it with the 720.

And to set the tone for the gaming media and fanboys this way they're conditioned to be critical of the challenger. Actually pretty smart.

And to slow Wii-U adoption. It's a gamble and success depends if the console is almost ready or more trickery from the past like with PS3.

Sony has always tried to bait MSFT into revealing and then has waited to release their console to see if there is any worthy ideas to adopt.

All what I said can be true all at once.


LOL you disagree?

PS3 had three different release dates announced to the media to keep gamers from adopting other platforms as long as possible knowing PS3 was not ready using excuses hard to prove.

Why would Sony announce a console now if not what I said above? The MSFT guy simply expressed being baffled and deep down PS3 fanboys know this too hence the misplaced attackes on the MSFT rep and the company

MaxXAttaxX1644d ago

Not everyone will know, but the target audience WILL.

darthv721644d ago

The "informed" gaming community pales in comparison to the "uninformed" consumer. Perhaps we need to view it like that?

There is some truth to that thought because it will be those who follow games and the industry that will know AND understand what is being revealed.

Walk up to some regular person and ask them and chances are they will or wont know. Walk up to a person who games regularly and they will more than likely know.

The dedicated gamers are the minority in a world of casual majority. But hey, people on this site will never look at what he says with any grain of possibility.

BattleAxe1643d ago

Here we go with Microsoft's bullshit PR once again. I had almost forgotten how stupid their executives are.

JhawkFootball061643d ago

UK won't know? Did they lose internet there or something..

Root1642d ago

"Xbox 360 closes in on Wii's UK sales record | MCV"

Woah Woah and Woah

What happened to the original article title

"Microsoft: UK won't know about PS4 reveal"

Thats what we discussing here, not sales or how the Xbox 360 is nearly over taking the Wii

dubt721642d ago

@evil people will hear what they want to hear. Selective listening/reading is strong with fanboys.

GribbleGrunger1642d ago

This article should be closed. Clearly someone has used the popularity of the original article and swapped it so that this article got to the hot spot immediately. This is out of order.

AngelicIceDiamond1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

"I love how MS takes digs at Sony because of their advertising instead of trying to get one over them by games or support...something which would actually benefit us"

MS does have games, its not the kind of games we're talking about or what N4G wants. Realistically the world doesn't revolve around hardcore exclusive games, I would love for that to be true though.

Thus why MS is super successful in the U.K right now.

They're catering to the wide casual market to get the lead. And MS will do whatever it takes to overtake the wii.

So your right, that doesn't speak to me at all as hardcore gamer, that wants exclusive hardcore games. Your right about that.

I have a strong feeling MS will re-focus its sites on the hardcore next gen, seeing how they grabbed that casual fanbase this gen.

Don't be surprised at MS if they showcased brand new hardcore titles at this years E3.

Anybody care to explain the disagrees? Listen I bet bubbles MS will showcase new hardcore Ip's next gen. Wanna bet anybody? Seeing how You guys seem so sure of yourselves.

sobekflakmonkey1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

all I got from this, is that MS is not expecting Sony to flood the market with advertising after they reveal it, I am like 110% sure that after the reveal, you're going to be seeing lots of PS4 commercials and seeing it plastered all over the internet, I think they're going big with this one, not to mention, those who own a PS3 and are casual will be seeing advertisements all over the PSN, when they go to download a movie, or when they wanna look at games.

sGIBMBR1641d ago

That is a pretty retarded thing for MS to say... Pretty sure every gamer in the UK knows about the PS4 reveal on Wednesday!

andibandit1641d ago

Uk wont know about PS announcement, at it will be solely because of Sony's favored marketing strategy: "Word of Mouth", which takes forever to get around.

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LOGICWINS1644d ago

I'm pretty sure Grimes was emphasizing consumers in general. He's right. Most U.K consumers won't know about the PS4 reveal next week. Same here in the U.S. Not everyone is a gamer.

RuperttheBear1644d ago

The majority of knitting classes won't be aware either, but the target audience of the ps4 will be. It's funny how people act like the gaming community isn't as large as it really is.

Genuine-User1644d ago

Not true. I have heard the news about their upcoming event on Radio, TV and online. If this doesn't send the message across to potential consumers here in UK then I don't know what will.

Shadow Flare1644d ago

Like root said, things like this get into the news and into newspapers. You can guarantee it will be in the metro newspaper which everybody reads on the way to work in the morning in London. It's the announcement of the PlayStation 4, it will be in the general news. If I recall when ps3 was announced it was all in the newspapers.

If the psn hacking made front page news in the uk, the PS4 announcement sure as hell will be in the news somewhere

LOGICWINS1644d ago

"The majority of knitting classes won't be aware either, but the target audience of the ps4 will be"

You just made my point for me. Grimes was referring to consumers in general, not the PS4s target audience.

RuperttheBear1644d ago

'You just made my point for me.'

What was your point? That people who aren't interested in something won't be interested?

Well done for pointing that out. Give yourself a sticker.

The point is that people who ARE interested in gaming WILL be interested. And people who only have a slight inclination to gaming WILL hear about it as it will be in nationwide newspapers and on nationwide tv.

What was your point again?

Arksine1644d ago

I can't see how you make that assumption Logic. If he means consumers in general, then he could make that observation about knowing what a playstation or xbox is period.

He's referring to target consumers.

LOGICWINS1644d ago

"He's referring to target consumers."

Hmmm...not what the quote indicated.

Arksine1644d ago

Its implied Logic. Otherwise it would be like saying "water is wet". Of course people that don't give a crap about gaming aren't going to know or care about what is announced on the 20th.

Thirty3Three1644d ago

For someone with the name, "Logicwins", your logic isn't very good at all...

solidjun51643d ago

he's been failing to live up to that name for a while now. His comment history is replete with bad logic.

amiga-man1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

My wife has absolutely no interest in gaming so it was a huge surprise that on the day the news came out and I had only that day found out about the upcoming Sony announcement she returns from work telling me that Sony was announcing the PS4.

At the time there was no confirmation of it being about the PS4 and I did ask her where she had heard it and she couldn't actually tell me lol, but if she knows the news then there are plenty of non gamers who know it too, another mate of mine came round a few days later and although he has a PS3 he is not a big gamer anymore but he too knew the news.

Pretty much anyone interested will be aware of Feb 20th

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Anon19741644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

This guy is bang out. The majority out there don't follow these type of tech events or couldn't tell you what E3 is. Even out of the avid gamers I know, I'm the only one I'm aware of that even pays attention to those types of events, let alone watches them. I bet 90% of gamers don't pay attention to these types of events, don't visit gaming websites, etc. Like Dirty mentioned below, it's really only nerds like us that follow these types of events. Of the gamers I know, I bet not one of them could even tell me what a "Wii-U" is.

Edit below: I'm surprised by the amount of disagrees we're receiving. People who visit these types of site and keep up with gaming news, we're a small minority. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Denying it doesn't make it any less true. But I notice many around here act like the entire world revolves around the gaming industry. It's shocking the amount of people who think Microsoft/Sony would be lost without their game's division, but in reality the amount they contribute is a drop in the bucket compared to the whole. A lot really exist inside a bubble around here if they think the PS4 announcement, or the Next Xbox announcement is even going to register a mention outside of gaming circles.

LOGICWINS1644d ago

"I bet 90% of gamers don't pay attention to these types of events, don't visit gaming websites, etc."

Your absolutely right. But N4G will continue to be imagination land I suppose. You'd be hard pressed to find a gamer on the street that knows what E3 is.

BlackTar1871644d ago

i saw PS4 announcement on TV news more then once now. I heard about it on a country station in the bay area radio.

I don't think it will be as wide known as some are saying but i know its gonna be alot bigger then you two are saying.

Bet 2/21 on the front page of tech portions and rec portions of articles it will be there.