GTA V vs Modern Warfare 4: Battle for Supremacy and Billion Dollars, Who Will WIN?

Going by the track record of all previous Call of Duty game, each one managed to sell more units than its predecessor, however this time around there's no confirmation that Modern Warfare 4 will have same fate. During recent investor call, Activision stated that sales of next CoD in 2013 is expected to be down from Black Ops 2, and the reason behind this is "challenged global economy" and "the ongoing console transition,".

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Whitefeather1705d ago

Well I know if I had to choose I'd pick GTA V every single time.

Aceman181704d ago

Yup my $$$$ are going to GTA5 easily.

Darth Stewie1704d ago

Agree Rockstar actually cares about their game unlike Activision and their COD devs.

Septic1704d ago

Well, the original Infinity Ward, those responsible for the original Modern Warfare seemed to care so your sentiments seem a little harsh.

But Rockstar are tremendously talented and always raise the bar in some fashion. They care about the quality that's for sure. For their fans? I don't know but we've heard about poor treatment of their staff before.

I won't be surprised if GTA V does win.

Raiz1705d ago

2013 belongs to GTA V all the doubt at all........

plaZeHD1704d ago

Oh yes, there is a doubt, because in my opinion there are better games than Grand Theft Auto 5 that are coming in 2013.

Majors1704d ago

You failed to read the question...
GTA5 vs Modern Warfare 4
Yes there are some amazing games due out soon, but thats not what was asked.

plaZeHD1704d ago

And you failed to understand I was replying to Raiz's comment.

ApolloTheBoss1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Should you really have to ask?

TheGrimOfDeath1704d ago

Like *snort* of course it's MW4. Hurrrr. (Sarcasm)

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The story is too old to be commented.