Don’t Look Now, But The 3DS Has Become The Best Gaming Machine Out There

Two years ago, Nintendo was in trouble. The House of Mario had just released a brand new handheld system with impressive 3D graphics, but nobody seemed to care. Sales were sluggish and reception wasn't great.

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Jadedz1921d ago

Though it does have a huge array of software, thanks in part of its BC with NDS software.

Canary1921d ago

Even its 3DS library has developed suprisingly well, given how young the console is. I can't think of a single other console that has had so diverse a library including such good games so early in its lifespan.

Sure, there are a TON of things we can criticize Nintendo for... but the way they managed to turn around the 3DS is just plain impressive.

It would be nice if Sony could follow suit.

profgerbik1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

It would be nice if people like you gave them time to with the Vita as if they haven't already done that with the PS3 anyway..

The 3DS was out practically an entire year earlier and the fact they immediately dropped the price drastically shortly after release also makes a big difference not counting they already had been making handhelds before with already made relationships with plenty of developers...

What did Sony have only the PSP and a new slate to start on, having to gain the same respect Nintendo had gotten and that is exactly what they did.

Does that not count for anything?

To say Sony hasn't turned around anything is kind of ridiculous, as to why I mentioned the PS3, the PS3 was in the same boat.. just like the 3DS was, it was over priced, not many were buying enough of them because of that and there weren't that many games on release that interested enough people for a good while.

Sony was doing the same thing Nintendo was with the 3DS with their PS3, dropped the price and started providing it with better games over the years and look how well it came back.

So I guess Sony doesn't know how to work or turn around anything? Bunch of hogwash.

What seriously makes the 3DS situation so different from the same situation Sony had to deal with during the PS3's time period? Nothing really in my opinion.

Vita will be no different if anything it's recovering faster than I thought it would especially with the list of games that are being announced for it lately and only more to come within it's lifespan just like the 3DS, it takes time to build a good software library.

As they say it is always the same shit but different flies.

Ducky1921d ago

^ I think you misinterpreted a fairly innocent comment by Canary and got all defensive over nothing.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31921d ago

It's crazy because they have a ton of 3rd party support for their handhelds but not their consoles.

Canary1921d ago

Pretty much.
Fanboys seem very defensive lately. I guess the console war is about to heat up?

To be fair, though, I did actually mention Sony. If you'll look at my comment history, you'll see that yesterday or the day before someone started calling me Sony Fanboy because I criticized something Nintendo did.

You really can't win in these situations. If you say something positive about one thing, your a fanboy for it; if you say something negative about one thing, your a fanboy for another thing.

1921d ago
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Buff10441921d ago

N4G community giving Nintendo its due? Nah.

maniacmayhem1921d ago

There was a lot of doom and gloom for this device and even most folks here at N4G proclaimed this device a failure before it even launched. It was laughed at and disregarded for the longest and I remember even a few on here dismissed it because it lacked a second analog. But if there is one thing Nintendo reigns in dominance is the handheld video game market.

The 3DS is a great little machine with a great library of games. Can't wait to see that new Castlevania in action.

a08andan1921d ago

Correction: Best-selling gaming machine. On the other hand it may be "the best", but that is purely a matter of opinion :)

Hanso1921d ago

I have both but i like my Vita more.

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