BioWare: Mass Effect 3 DLC Announcement "Hopefully Coming Next Week"

BioWare will "hopefully" reveal a new Mass Effect 3 DLC pack next week, according to BioWare Edmonton "community guy" Chris Priestly.

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ApolloTheBoss1803d ago

I think ME3 has had enough DLC, EA.

Godmars2901803d ago

But they want your money...

Godmars2901802d ago


They already think they own your soul. Why else do you think they could get away with ME3's ending while promising something else?

Pintheshadows1802d ago

I don't know, i'd say Mass Effect 3's ending was more soul destroying, so EA haven't taken my soul, they've eliminated it.

So much for my reincarnation as a Beagle.

Aloren1802d ago

Yeah, a bunch of free dlcs, a day one dlc, and 2 sp dlcs. So, this will be the 4th paying dlc, one year after the initial release.

Borderlands 2 got that in 4 months.

Thatlalala1801d ago

And yet Bioware got scorned to hell for "holding back content to release it later", and Gearbox gets a free pass....

Aloren1800d ago

Precisely. Btw whoever disagreed with me, I'd like to know why.

fermcr1803d ago

Honestly, who cares about ME3 DLC ?

matrixman921803d ago

probably more pointless multiplayer dlc...and pointless single player dlc, that will have no effect on the ending. I have 0 motivation to go back into this game

Kalowest1803d ago

Just release ME3 GOTY this year, plz.

sdplisken1803d ago

just work on the next mass effect game already

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