God of War Ascension controller will also be sold separately

For all the die hard fans that didn't want to choose between the Limited Edition controller and the Collector's Edition of the game: you don't have to! The controller will also be sold separately.

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LackTrue4K1920d ago

very nice!!! picking this up
altho....the controller looks hella clean...i dont want to drop it!

Skate-AK1920d ago

If its sold in the US then I'll buy it right away.

BitbyDeath1920d ago

Not usually interested in buying new controllers but this may be the exception

Ripsta7th1920d ago

YES!! This controller looks sick! Is it cheaper to get it Bundled with the game though?

Sensu1920d ago

It mostly is, yeah. In Europe the bundle is expected to be priced at €99,99.

Ripsta7th1920d ago

Alrite kool :) thanx. if i can save a few bucks ill pick it up

bageara1920d ago

Awesome, it will be mine, oh yes , it will be mine