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onPause writes:

When Codemasters first set out to revolutionize racing games it re-branded the Race Driver series to GRID in which the UK developer created genre leading AI, superior damage modeling and introduced the ‘Rewind’ feature which let to critical acclaim across the globe. GRID dates back to 2009 which now seems ages ago and other racing series have stepped up their game – in May of 2013 it is time for Codemasters to, yet again, take the popular franchise to the bleeding edge with GRID 2.

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Speed-Racer1435d ago

I just hope their physics engine is improved, but the original GRID was bundles of fun otherwise.

mcroddi1435d ago

I think the game will really nail it and almost feel like a near second gen game...

CanadianTurtle1435d ago

No cockpit= already a potential disaster.

cleverusername1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

This has potential as long as they leave that American dude vibe well alone!! Also make it Logitech wheel friendly, the last one was a nightmare to set up!

Speed-Racer1435d ago

Yup. I was highly disappointed when I realized the pain in the backside it was to set up.