Here’s The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Bundle

Capcom has shown off the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U bundle

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FinalomegaS1891d ago

jeez,,, thats a great bundle....

i know 4 ppl waiting for this right off the bat,

mdkgod431891d ago

lmao @ 4 ppl waitin to buy this crap

FinalomegaS1891d ago

if it were to be released on an other system, would it still be crap? Or you just don't like the game? Ever played it before?

BattleAxe1891d ago

Its just funny how since the WiiU has such a small library of games, that journalists and Nintendo fans are licking their chops at any news regarding pretty much any game that is set to come out for the system, even ports of games that have been out on the PS3 and the 360 for a year now.

Yodagamer1891d ago

@battleaxe, as far as i remember the xbox/ps3 was exactly the same way except ps3's ports were far worst back then. Atleast the wii u ports are typically on par.

ABizzel11891d ago

Wii-U sales 200,000 units week March 22nd.

And 500,000 the month of April.


Blank1891d ago

I have been waiting on a bundle with monster hunter im going to buy it and then continue my patience and hope on a official direct from nintendo wait for it........... a new starfox game

Adamated1891d ago

Must... wait... for... smash bros bundle...

Zodiac1891d ago

Willpower. Gotta have willpower! They will have one for sure.

1891d ago
animegamingnerd1891d ago

if it is the same price as the zombiu bundle i will be picking this up

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The story is too old to be commented.