Why Nintendo Crushed Sony's Heart on Valentines Day: 3DS Stomps Vita

Isn’t it a grand day? It’s Valentines day after all, the day of romance and love. This is the day that people share their adoration for their significant other more than any other. It’s a day of hearts, roses, and chocolates. Well apparently Nintendo is one that forgot what today is and Sony definitely won’t be sending any chocolates or roses their way. It’s actually rather ironic that Nintendo chose today, Valentines day, to hold their Nintendo Direct Conference online.

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1890d ago
BullyMangler1890d ago

when a nintendo fan-boy tells you that nintendo is the best, it is hard to believe him. .when a true gamer tells you, that nintendo is the best he sounds like a fan-boy . sometimes the truth gets scrambled up with damn fanboyizm .

GribbleGrunger1890d ago

Jees, when did the typical fanboy comment become headline material?

R_aVe_N1890d ago

I know right lmoa only on N4G would this get approved

TheRealSpy1890d ago

People only complain about the troll headlines when it's against Sony. If it's in Sony's favor, then it's just fine.

freezola751890d ago

Well said GG.. this is amazing... not really... but this is trolling at it's finest.

No hit from me... peace.

TongkatAli1890d ago

Opinion piece ? More like piece of crap. You like my shining new shoes and want them.

BigStef711890d ago

These articles are annoyinh. Why can't we just enjoy both systems? I certainly am

MikeMyers1890d ago

You can and you should. The industry thinks there needs to be winners and losers to sell headlines. Problem is that attitude trickles down to the forums. I take it all with a grain of salt.

dangert121890d ago

online fees
lack of diversion etc

Hingle_Mcringleberry1890d ago

On the 3DS? Go home dangert, you're drunk again.

dangert121890d ago

''On the 3DS? Go home dangert, you're drunk again. ''
i never said anything about the 3ds nor did the person i was replying to, i don't drink either.
but your comment made me lol so its all good

contradictory1890d ago

you can.
i enjoy both 3DS and Vita
also i did like both PS3 and X360
and i'm sure that Wii U isn't "doomed"
just relax and ignore annoying fanboys

BenRage31890d ago

A completely rational and logical person on NG4? That is a rarity indeed. Gamers are so overly sensitive and insecure these days. I really wish more people could enjoying playing "games" more than playing "systems". I could care less what system a good game comes out on. I'm a gamer. I play games.

rainslacker1890d ago

I do.
Love my Vita
Just purchased a 3DS XL this past week and loving that.:)
Love my PS3, Like the Wii U just want some games to play on it, but the ones I have are mostly fun.:)

Play games, not systems.

jukins1890d ago

lol 3ds crushed sony's heart when they dropped to 169.99. because before that it was all "vita is a damn good value and will crush the 3ds"

LackTrue4K1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )



Veneno1890d ago

Its true. Well said jukins. Man it would have been very very interesting to see 3DS and Vita go head to head at the same price of 250. I think Vita would have been very competitive. Nintendo are scared shytless to be the same price as any sony console. They know their weak hardware would be exposed.

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The story is too old to be commented.