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Destructoid: "GRID 2 is finally on its way. In a hands-on preview of a few races with Codemaster's Senior Executive Producer Clive Moody, I had a chance to see just what has evolved for the sequel -- and what has fallen by the wayside."

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Human Analog2006d ago

No cockpit view? What is this 1998?... I loved Grid 1, but this will be unacceptable. Without in-car views, it might as well be Need for Speed or Burnout. I think I'll be passing on this one. Too bad too, I was really looking forward to it.

Boody-Bandit2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Agree 110%.
No cockpit view is a HUGE let down for me as well.
It doesn't make any sense to me at all why Codemasters would ditch it. I am a huge racing fan and I having been waiting for this title since I completed GRID on the PS3, 360 and PC. <- I liked the original THAT much.

The cockpit view is the ONLY view I use when playing racing games. I am so disappointed now. This went from a must buy to a rental now. I have to see if I can get into it with a cockpit view. I have my doubts. Very disturbing. I no sites like ISR will deduct points from their review with this being removed. Every Codemasters racing game has a cockpit view. Again, very disappointing.

Codemasters claims only 5% of gamers use this view. Whether that's true of or not that's no reason to remove it. There was a time when only 5% of gamers had hi def displays. That didn't stop consoles from going HD. When 5% of gamers had 5.1 or higher surround sound systems. That didn't stop developers from including dolby digital sound in games. What's next Codemasters? Only 5% of gamers use a wheel on a rig like me so remove advanced wheel support, or wheel support all together?

SIGH. And the watering down continues.

Those that say this isn't a big deal probably use a gamepad to race with and not a wheel and rig.

gtr_loh2006d ago

^ Personally, I feel that using the bumper cam or hood view is more realistic. In cockpit view, it feels like you're turning a turn a virtual wheel.

EbeneezerGoode2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I agree! have always thought this. Anyone who drives knows you do not register the interior of your car, esp while racing, it's all about the view of the road. Your mind blurs out the wheel etc. My problem with most cockpit views is they seem too set back, so you see all the dash and a little bit of the track through a window! Talk about compromised. In bumper cam (not bonnet, always bumper for me) you only see the road, it's almost impressionistic of what you 'feel' in reality, you can take corners better and the feeling of speed is massively increased. Nearly every racer I've ever played looks stunning and feels better in bumper cam. The only thing is you lose some pretty interior or car graphics. Have never understood those who use car view (even worse) like sitting on the rear wing driving!

The only thing i found a cockpit view was good for was a sense of car geekery, being IN the car is cool and when shadows roll off the interior (as in past codies racers) it can enhance the immersion but I still feel the viewpoint itself is flawed for competitive racing!

NaiNaiNai2005d ago

I do drag-racing, SCCA events, autocross in real life.

I also do iRacing/Simbin titles/richard burns.

You are a complete idiot and need to stop talking about things you don't understand.

Human Analog2004d ago

...."Anyone who drives knows you do not register the interior of your car, esp while racing, it's all about the view of the road. Your mind blurs out the wheel etc...."

And thats why cockpit view is more realistic. It lets your mind blur out the interior and focus on the road, just like in a car in real life. Your argument makes no sense. I in fact race on weekends, and I have never raced from the front of bumper with only the road in front of me. I don't know what kinds of cars you drive in, but from where I do my racing I have a steering wheel gauges, rearview mirror, dashboard, and the A Pillars.

EbeneezerGoode2004d ago

Not when you are already sat 8 feet from the bloody screen!!!

That was at Human Analog - your mind doesn't blur out a representation in 2D (as in a 2D screen) over 5 feet away.

As for NaiNaiNai, nice choice of words there, don't care if you race in real life, how do you know I don't? Are you seriously saying you focus more on your alcantara dashboard finish than you do on apex to apex lines? Bet you always finish last then :P

EbeneezerGoode2004d ago

Yes Human Analog, and you SIT IN that car no? INSIDE it your * peripheral vision* is what sees your A-pillars and gauges, until you specifically look down at then/over to them - sometimes you can do corner of eye stuff yes. But in a game?? when you can have that info overlaid on the screen anyway (more clearly) and focus on the feeling of speed/fun?

You pair, as people who apparently race in real life a bit should be more than aware of the difference between a 50" TV screen sat 6 feet away (with the actual racing 'view' a smaller subset of that) vs what you 'feel' and what your brain filters out when you are bumper to bumper at speed or concentrating on the next curve.

Sorry but you never specifically 'see' the interior of your car at all times while racing in reality, you SEE the road. Even just driving to the shops you only 'see' the road, or you should, instrument reading etc is secondary and specific to what you instinctively see when racing and bumper cam + overlaid GUI gives that feeling of actually racing just as much.

You are talking about a strict 1:1 simulation but you are sat on a sofa looking at a 2D screen - that has already compromised the 'feel' of racing, so to sit in an in car view and do all your GAME playing that is doing yourselves a dis-service when it comes to performing better and having fun. Remember, GAMES? Grid is a GAME not some super accurate PC simulation.

BTW for the record I used to work in Juice Racing studios @ codemasters and met some proper 'racers' who did just fine from bumper cam. Names that would make you blush for your arrogant POV.

Cockpit view is often included to complete the simulation, because it looks impressive on screen with all the shadows etc. While it's nice to have the option, it is not the end of the world in a game, esp a non full sim, for it not be there.

And the less said about chase view the better. :)

BTW my previous employment at Juice (Clive Moody was actually my immediate boss) has nothing to do with my opinion, even if this new game included it I would still know how you can't judge apexes etc anywhere near as well with a load of 'fancy interior gfx' clogging up the view on an already limited screen - if we sat IN the car fair enough.. OCULUS RIFT? VIRTUAL REALITY? YES! we would require cockpit view there 100% because it would wrap around you, just like reality, but on a 2D screen set 5/6 feet away? no.

Human Analog2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Andy I guess since it is your preference it must be the best and only one. With that same logic, FPS games should only be a reticule. But hey, to each his own. I don't care what other pro drives prefer, or "experts" I just know that when I am sitting down and playing on my HDTV, and not in real life, I really enjoy the cockpit view. That in and of itself does NOT define my racing prowess, or experience.... It is just MY preference. I find it funny that people have to cite stats, and quote "experts" to validate THIER choice. My only validation is that I like it.

I have to laugh at the quote "your arrogant POV." It is just a preference. Just because "names that would make me blush" like something, I guess I need to follow? You take this entire "GAMING" thing too seriously. I still can't figure out how a personal opinion about how something looks could be considered arrogant. I guess since my wife is not famous, or a supermodel that makes me arrogant for thinking she is beautiful? It's people like you with YOUR arrogant view points, and "I know NAMES that would make you blush..." sentiments that make conversations like this one tiring, and pointless. Thanks for your opinions.

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BeAGamer2006d ago

No in-car view = no buy

bambooman5842006d ago

Well, considering your head isn't sitting on the bumper or the hood when you're actually driving, no, it isn't more realistic.