GTA 5 Fans Petition Rockstar To Bring Game to PC, Signatures Reach 155K

Gameranx: "Gamers petition to see Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC. "

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Yi-Long1831d ago

... especially with the Steambox coming out (probably) next year.

Not a doubt in my mind that this game is coming to PC.

Dylila1830d ago

might as well put the game for the pc on pirate bay right now because we all know majority of the people that will have it will get it by stealing it. people need to accept certain things as they are namely gamers. the number one reason for the game not being announced for pc yet is because the devs see it as a lost cause because it wont be lucrative enough for them to bring it to pc. most people steal games for pc

Series_IIa1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


More people will be buying it used or renting it than pirating it...

So tell me which does more damage?

Gamestop can probably shift just 1 copy of GTA V about 3-6 times each month, each time not giving R* or Take Two a penny.

... I don't like pirates either since it does hurt future decisions game companies may make to develop a game for the PC, but you cannot tar everyone with the same brush.

nirwanda1830d ago

I bet it will be later in the year as an upgraded version that will also launch with the 720/ps4 seeing as they are close in specs to high end pcs.
But they wont say anything yet as it will take sales away from the ps3/360 versions.

Sucitta1830d ago

this petition is the equivalent to signing a petition for the sun to come out the following day.


Plagasx1831d ago

The game is coming to the PC as all other GTA's did ffs...

hano1831d ago

Good for them.
I'm a PC gamer but I never enjoyed the series. However, I bet the game will come to PC anyway.

Vladplaya1830d ago

Oh it will come to PC someday, probably as POS port, but it will be on PC...

SlapHappyJesus1830d ago

And those "POS" ports end up being the definitive version of the game every time.

RuperttheBear1830d ago

When GTA4 came out and wasn't fully optimized it still ran better than the console versions. Especially the ps3 version, it had a treacle like framerate at the best of times.

SlapHappyJesus1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


Pretty much.
I think console players, of which I am still one as of this moment, just don't like to share.

There's something about pc gaming that seems to really strike a nerve with a large amount of console players. This site is no exception.

Also, I find it funny how the term "port" always seems to be used in a negative light. All of the GTA pc releases were ports, and they are the most fleshed out versions of the games. Oblivion was a ps3 port, and it was superior to the 360 release. Witcher 2 on 360 was a port, and it's one of the most technically impressive showings on console.

GTA V will come to pc. It will look better, play better (outside of issues with certain setups, mind you) and it will allow for mod support. Such a crappy deal pc gamers will be getting there, right?

RuperttheBear1830d ago

Yep, I agree with that. Even the sloppiest of ports are exceptional when you weigh up the pros and cons. Sure they might not be perfect in pc gaming terms, but they tend to still be the ultimate version at the end of the day.

cleverusername1830d ago

BOO HOO! Rockstar haven't even said they aren't getting it!!!

RuperttheBear1830d ago

Yeah, um, that's the whole point of the petition. People wouldn't be petitioning to get the game on pc if it was already announced for pc.

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The story is too old to be commented.