Let's Fish! Hooked On Review | IGN

IGN: "A substandard fishing game with monotonous gameplay and charmless presentation."

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profgerbik1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Much like your articles, blogs and site.

Kingthrash3601862d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself.....truth be told this score may be right....but they have long lost my respect.

Kos-Mos1862d ago

You nailed it with that comment.

Playstation4LyFe1862d ago

Don't care, still gonna play it.

animegamingnerd1862d ago

and that relates to the article how

animegamingnerd1862d ago

@Playstation4LyFe with that comment you sound just like a kid who plays nothing but cod

Blank1862d ago

I want to hear from a person that owns this game if its any good and by the way I didnt bother to read this review (dont want to give the site hits) but im commenting here since im sure more people would pass by here

izumo_lee1862d ago

From what i have heard it is very similar to Sega's Bass Fishing series, not surprising cause this game is made by the same developer.

If you are a fan of fishing games than Let's Fish is up your alley. It's not the most exciting sport in the world but the game has some features that will make things interesting. It's for a specific crowd & the regular gamer may find it not really for them.

Very deep for a fishing game & the anime style fits pretty well. If there was a demo it may be worthwhile to try but i do not believe there is one so check gameplay on youtube to see if it interests you.

nrd1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I own the game. It might be possible to enjoy it despite its flaws, but by all means it's a horrible game.

Constant fish pop-in, hideous graphics, crippling lag in certain maps, touch-screen QTE gameplay (it supports physical controls but all you do is hold O and spin the analog). They advertise it as having a ton of lures (240?) but it's just re-skins/recolors of the same 20 or so lures. Constantly glitches up on me.