Five Essential Steps For Creating A Great ‘Aliens’ Game

With Aliens: Colonial Marines receiving an awful critical reception, and few ‘Aliens’ games ever managing to capture the brilliance of the movies that inspired them, Xenomorph fanatic Mark Butler picks out five things needed for a truly worthy experience based on the famous films.

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TrendyGamers1322d ago

I agree with all the points.

TekoIie1322d ago

I have a very simple point! Make sure its possible to kill more aliens than humans in the campaign.... -_-

Seriously though this was a very good read.

RuperttheBear1322d ago

Another step - Don't outsource your game to another company and blame it on that company when you should have done the work yourself.

IIC0mPLeXII1322d ago

How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit.

RuperttheBear1322d ago

That was probably how the employees who were working for Gearbox felt when it was made.

sorceror1711322d ago

Penny Arcade argues that it's a lot harder than that to make a good Aliens game: