4 Things We’d Like In Battlefield 4

iGG: It’s a clear shot that we’ll see Battlefield 4 later this year, so these are the things we’re hoping to see.

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Npugz71952d ago

Bigger character customization!

Tapioca Cold1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

No snipers. You pussies ruin the game. You're selfish and are scared of a digital death. You don't go after objectives and you don't use your equipment proplerly.

There was a guy on my team the other night with 13-1 K/D. But the there was also a guy with a higher score who went 3-13!

battlefield is not about K/D. If that's what you are concerned with by all means play COD.

I'm talking to you, the pussy reading this!

Steadyhndz1952d ago

You're like 15 aren't you? Because that suits you best with that kind of comment.

GuyThatPlaysGames1952d ago

It just depends on what mode you are playing! Snipers, when used correctly, provide the team with the cover and long-range shots to help out the fellow rushing teammates. K/D is really all what TDM is about though!

SideShort1952d ago

I agree with you 100% Though of course we know they can actually help when they want to, which is almost never. LOL and a comment like this would surely get you some disagrees as will mine, because for some reason, most recon players can't even see how they don't help. They think if they spot 2 people, they just did their entire job while every other class spots 5 and kills 6. They lay spawn beacons just for their own camping spots, watch the MCOM like the alarm is going off for their entertainment, and then complain about when the team can't disarm the damn thing? IDK if taking the class out all together would ruin the game, but at this point, recon players only exist to fight other recon players. Just ugly.

SJPFTW1952d ago

Your odds of victory are directly correlated with number of snipers on your team. More snipers = less chance to win the game. FACT

1949d ago
novakiller1241949d ago

ok if you dont know bf3 is a tactical and team work what are the snipers for?,to give fire support and that can allow the team to capture objectives easier and to minimaze the amount of deaths of his dont say that snipers ruin the game.and dont say that a sniper are no useful because i am sure that at least one time a sniper save your live.

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The story is too old to be commented.