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DivineAssault 1196d ago

This is a joke right? They cant be serious about another NSMB type game

Neonridr1196d ago

I don't believe it's its own game, it's an update to NSMBU. Think of it more as a DLC pack.

PopRocks3591196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )


It's confirmed to be a DLC package for the full NSMBU game. Calm down.

DivineAssault 1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

ok, im calmer now... i almost gave up hope for a minute.. $5 dlc works.. wait, how much is it?

anyway its starring luigi so i wonder who the multiplayer characters are going to be.. mario & the 2 toads?

Kamikaze1351196d ago

We don't know how much it's going to cost. Nintendo mentioned it would be a DLC that's as big as a retail game for NSMBU starring Luigi.

XXXL1196d ago

It's how nintendo's been rolling lately. Wash, rinse, repeat.

donman11196d ago

Yet another misleading post by N4G. It's just DLC content.

lilbroRx1196d ago

It would help a lot if you actually learn how to read instead trying to be the first to get your negative assumptions and condescending opinions of Nintendo at the top of the comment section. I doubt you care though.

3-4-51196d ago

Dude it's a completely new game.

80 New levels & it's designed more with Luigi in mind obviously.

It will be more than $5.

Think more like $20

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dubal-e1196d ago

its dlc, but a whole game worth of it

LOL_WUT1196d ago

Really? It doesn't look all that good but hey for $5 i'm sure it'l sell.

Just looking at the screenshots it looks like they just swapped Mario out for Luigi i'm sure the fans won't feel cheated at all ;)

ChickeyCantor1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

So you won't take into count there is going to be a complete set of new levels? 80 new levels. And you say the fans should feel cheated because you play as Luigi?

Yodagamer1196d ago

It's a downloadable game for the eshop, hopefully they add somethings to make it feel like a luigi game. Maybe add something like in the ghost house you use his vaccum from luigi's manson.

Yodagamer1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

It's actually dlc, sorry if i confused anybody. From the sound of the nintendo direct it made it sound like a full downloaable game, as they mentioned alot about it being a full sized effort.

Root1196d ago

I actually thought it was a new game there like NSMB.....phew

Can't really get used to Nintendo and DLC

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