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There is no doubt that manages over 2013 will be the year of the next generation consoles for Sony and Microsoft , the latter two manufacturers had not yet released the cards up their sleeves. While the announcement of the PlayStation 4 is imminent, and that every day brings a lot of rumors about what will or not these future machines, we have been listening to what the game console ready.

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Walker1981d ago

Durango Rumors:
" Always on, always connected."

what a crap movement !

Godchild10201981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

My comment is not to justify the Always on, Always connected feature of the next Xbox, but Laptops have that feature and its very useful when you want to get to your information or browser the web on your laptop in a timely fashion. I know some of the Sony Vaio laptops have it.

As for the always connected part, it kinda sucks because not everyone has an online connection and making it mandatory to be connected to use the system makes it a similar chance of buying from some consumers.

And there is always that chance that we will have a black out or your internet goes out leaving your $300-400 dollar system unusable.

TheSurg1980d ago

That was debunked already.
Stopspreading false info.
Damn fanboys!

matchu_peechu1980d ago

The marketing intrusion era....gotta love it

Psn8001979d ago

Wait for confirmation not speculation ?