Secret Game To Be Revealed - No, It's Not Killzone

Eskimo Press: "What is this top secret new game from 11bit Studios? A new teaser that released this week tells us nothing except that it looks post-apocalyptic, has motorbikes, trucks, and shotty character animation."

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r211952d ago

I dont get how he got Killzone from that lil teaser. Is it just cause they're wearing masks?

Agheil1952d ago

^I was gonna say the exact same thing.

Mounce1952d ago

Goggles? Masks? Guns?! ZOMG KILLZURNNN!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1952d ago

PC has the most $5 games of any platform.

Cirran1952d ago

Im pretty sure 11bit don't make killzone. Lol

phantomexe1952d ago

legend of the dragoon 2.........(holds back tears) one could only hope.