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KingWilly1051952d ago

Looks great, especially the polygonal graphics.

Yodagamer1952d ago

I Really don't like them. It seems like their trying to go with basic 3d to try to keep the original look, but i'd much rather them stick to 2d or atleast do celshading

PopRocks3591952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I thought the new style resemble the old 2D style a bit, especially Luigi on the bottom screen.

Yodagamer1952d ago

It does, but it's just odd to see it with 3d animation after so many years of 2d which i prefer in movies & Games. I thought the pokemon X&Y game did the transition better.

RmanX10001952d ago

The M&L games get more "gimmickier" than previous iterations. I honestly wish theyd return to the simple RPG roots of the series. Dont get me wrong the games are some of my favorite Mario games ever... But seriously, why cant we get fresh and simple M&L RPG experience without an over abundance of gimmicks?

DivineAssault 1952d ago

times have changed man.. i doubt we will ever get the sequels we wanted from years ago.. This is their way of keeping things fresh i guess.. i would like a sequel w the play style of mario rpg by square on snes but i dont think thats ever gonna happen..