Insomniac believes Fuse can become a franchise

Insomniac Games "absolutely" believes Fuse has the potential to become a franchise, telling that it's confident it can take the series "in a lot of different directions".

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CommonSenseGamer1831d ago

Make a quality game with general appeal and it should. Easier said than done mind.

MikeMyers1831d ago

Well let's hope it's fun to play, that's the main thing.

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PS4isKing_821831d ago

Ea won't allow it. It won't sell above a million copies so ea will ax the series I'm sure after the first game.

Hanso1831d ago

EA cant ax it because Insomniac holds the rights to fuse.

BigStef711831d ago

Regardless if it sells bad no publisher is gonna want to publish the sequel except maybe Sony

Good_Guy_Jamal1831d ago

Except that the IP belongs to Insomniac and not EA, so EA cannot axe anything

rezzah1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I don't like the trailers. The game looks very dull and like a game that can be easily passed/forgotten.

The only thing that Fuse has going for it, as far as i can see, is the name Insomniac. I must play the game (demo) to understand their new direction, otherwise these trailers are not allowing the game any justice.

fei-hung1831d ago

The gameplay videos I've seen remind me a lot of a toned down version of Vanquish but without the crazy Japanese style and humour.

Vanquish was a bat shit crazy action packed ride from beginning to end.

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The story is too old to be commented.