Dara O’Briain On Fanboyism: “I Didn’t Know You Had To Pick A Team”

Popular comedian and video game enthusiast Dara O’Briain has offered a humourous take on the issue of console fanboys.

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Chaostar1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

He also calls Kinect fascist :D

I'm glad he has both consoles and hasn't fallen into the fanboy trap that, by the sounds of it, keeps haunting him as a gamer and a public figure.

inveni01894d ago

A person can certainly like both consoles. A person can also like just one console. Being a fan AND a boy is just fine. I just think people misuse the term "fanboy", when they should really be using the term "douche bag".

Yi-Long1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

... sadly, it seems here on it's impossible to voice a criticism or concern about one of these systems without being called a trolling fanboy for the other side.... (!)

I'm glad to own both a 360 and PS3 this gen. Both have some fantastic exclusives I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on. Both also have/had it's fair share of flaws.

Not sure yet which next-gen console(s) I will go for. With OUYA (which could be a great alternative for XBLA/PSN releases) and 'Steambox' now also entering the console-'war', I hope it's just gonna be a great period for gamers, regardless of brand-affection.

Chaostar1894d ago

Agreed, I didn't mean to make it sound like all people with only one console are fanboys, that's far from the truth.

MikeMyers1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Do you know how you differentiate a gamer from fanboy? You ask them what they are going to buy without knowing much about the upcoming platforms, the next Xbox, the next Playstation or the new Steambox. If they already tell you then they are a fanboy because we know nothing about the new systems. What they will cost, what software they will have. Nothing. Sure some people will say Naughty Dog will be with Sony or you can only buy Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles but to me that isn't enough of a reason to be on one team.

You don't have to pick a team but it seems like some people do and always will and they are the ones who try and validate their purchase time after time on the forums.

Yi-Long1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

... I disagree. For instance, you can already kinda EXPECT what you'll get from a certain console when you look at how the current consoles are being handled, by Sony, by MS, by Nintendo.

There's a track-record you can look at and judge, and that will give you at least an indication of what to expect.

For Nintendo, these last few gens we have seen their consoles being mostly gimmick-based, not all that powerful, and mostly ignored by 3rd party developers, except for (mostly) shovelware. Obviously there will be some quality 1st party releases and SOME outstanding 3rd party exclusives, but in general you won't be getting a serious racing sim for a Nintendo-console, or the best releases of EA's/Take-Two's sports games, or whatever.

We saw the N64 struggle in the 3rd party department. We saw the Cube struggle in the 3rd party department. We've seen the Wii struggle in the 3rd party department. And it's most likely that the WiiU won't be getting the next-gen support it should deserve. Sadly.

Sony had a rough start this generation, with LOTS of poor decisions, but the last 2 years orso I feel they have really improved and shown to be a GAMES console first. They have their priority straight.

Microsoft has had 2 great consoles, and I love XBLA, but the last 3 years orso their focus has shifted more towards Kinect and dashboard aps, so MY (personal) needs as a gamer have been largely ignored by MS, and paying for playing online with Gold seems a lot less appealing to me now that Sony has (IMHO) a better value-for-money service with PSN+, so my interest in a new MS console has dimished quite a bit lately, especially if it won't be backwards compatible.

In the end though, I agree we don't know everything we need to know, and ofcourse I and many others will make our decisions when we can put all the facts next to each other and make a clear choice.

Like I said, if the Steambox becomes a success and 3rd party developers will also be releasing their games for that system, I would probably prefer to buy the Steambox because I have a lot of faith in Valve looking after MY needs, instead of trying to milk me dry, plus I can expect those games I buy for the Steambox to work 15-20 years from now on Steambox 3 or 4.

MikeMyers1894d ago

"There's a track-record you can look at and judge, and that will give you at least an indication of what to expect. "

I disagree to an extent. Nintendo went into a different direction with the Wii. Microsoft went into a different direction mid-term with the Xbox 360.

Nintendo who has always played their cards very closely to their chest are now coming out with NintendoDirect announcements. They are also treating online more seriously. They are also partnering more with outside parties. All of them have to adapt or die. Why do you think we have Netflix and all of these other non-gaming things on platforms now? They know consumers want a media device that does more than just gaming.

I have no idea if Sony will be further entrenched with something like Move into the next console. They tried to market the SixAxis on the PS3 and it fell flat. So they are always trying new ideas. What we have to remember is they are all run as a business. Their goal is to make money. If they see the trend of the hardcore gamer not growing they will adapt. Sony is already talking about mobile gaming and how they can tap into that. Microsoft wants to partner themselves with outside parties too like ESPN and rumors suggest a cable set-top box.

These systems are huge investments and they have to re-invent themselves with todays consumers. You will not get a clear indication of what consumers want on forums. Most people here will tell you the Vita is a great system to buy. That doesn't mean real consumers are listening.

There are various levels of consumers out there. Pachter once said Nintendo fans would buy an empty box as long as it says Nintendo on it. That is partially true. You have to dismiss those consumers. Those who will line-up and buy the systems early. Many might not even be fans and want to try and make money on E-Bay. Right now the Wii U looks to be struggling a bit because the early adopters bought the system but Nintendo failed to reach out to more consumers. Sony could also drop the ball with the PS4. Same with Microsoft.

What I have learned over the years is it's best to wait. Hardware usually drops in price. The PS3 dropped faster and more rapidly than any of the others. The Xbox 360 had huge hardware failures. The Wii had limited games that to me were enjoyable and big gaps in releases. So waiting pays off for me. They improve the hardware, they lower the price, the library builds, the community grows and so on. Of course if everyone did that it would be a failure. You need early adopters but they are not an indication of how successful the system will be long-term.

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Lucreto1894d ago

Dara O’Briain is my favourite comedian.

NYC_Gamer1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I don't mind hardcore fans long as they speak on valid concerns about the next console and not just bash on the brand they dislike over nothing

Zichu1894d ago

I used to be a Sony Pony, didn't even want to know about the Xbox. This was not long after the release of the PS3. Looked at Gears of War 2 and decided I wanted it. Got a 360 back in like 2008 and had so much fun with it. Then I completely abandoned the PS3, it was collecting dust, so I sold it.

Last July, bought a new PS3 because I wanted One Piece, Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, also wanted to try out the Atelier series after playing the PS2 series so much.

Now I'm on the winners team, the team that enjoys all and plays all. I have PS3, 360 and a Wii U. I do have a Wii, but didn't really get into it much, I did play a few games on it though.

1894d ago
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