The X-Men: Xbox UK's Jon Grimes and Harvey Eagle on a successful year for 360

Microsoft UK bosses have suggested that whatever Sony announces next week won't damage Xbox 360.

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Walker1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Maybe, but PS4 announcement will damage to PS3 sales and upcoming exclusives like the last of us .

Cocozero1651d ago

Exactly, unless they announce another pricecut

zeee1651d ago

It depends on the release date and of curse ps3 pricing. Lets not forget that ps2 still sold after ps4 launch. I guess a drop to $199 or $149 price point is going to explode ps3 sales even after the ps4 announcement. If Sony does announce a price drop, Microsoft are going to respond as well. They will not let Sony walk all over them and I hope they do. It'll be great for the gaming industry.

RuleofOne343 1651d ago

or it come with BC, cause if not they would be screwing themselves over.

RuleofOne343 1651d ago

better yet it come with BC, cause if not they would be screwing themselves over.

decrypt1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"better yet it come with BC, cause if not they would be screwing themselves over."

How will they be screwing themselves over. Benefits of no BC:

Can Sell remakes (hell they can be selling remakes of remakes God of war collection for PS4, Console gamers be prepared to get milked again).

Buyers of new console dont have old games so need to run out buy new games.

I see a win win situation for console makers not to release BC, and a lose lose situation for the console gamer.

Infact they would be in a better situation to discontinue online support for the PS3 few years after the PS4, forcing more people to buy the new console, not like console gamers can do anything about online getting shut down. Most fanboys will infact cheer the fact that they are getting screwed.. saying stuff like "oh they need to discontinue online support to better support PS4" lol.

DOMination-1651d ago

Well i think its kinda bad PR to not have BC and i imagine with many people it might be one of the deciding factors early on. Then making them pay again for a game they already own via a streaming service isn't going to sit well for some people.

Of course there are also many people who won't care about ps3 games when there's better ps4 titles to play. That's my view and if gaikai is cheap enough i would t have a problem buying the one or two games i may want to revisit in the coming years.

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DigitalSmoke1651d ago

you're wrong, the Last Of Us will go beyond Uncharted sales, easily.
And yes it will hurt the Xbox, it has been hurting for 3 years already software and sale wise, i dont care what Microsoft says.

koehler831651d ago

I'm curious about that.

Uncharted clearly has a broader appeal than Last of Us. I actually expect it to go the other way and not out-perform it. That may be a biased perspective because I'm not particularly interested in it myself, despite it obviously being amazingly high-quality.

I'm very interested to see how it plays out. In any event, I'm definitely not rooting for it to fail.

Jdoki1651d ago

I think we'd need to look at Uncharted 1 sales vs Last of Us, and then adjust for the larger install base now to really compare the two.

I think the game will be a success, but not sure it will outsell Uncharted 2 or 3 as it is a new IP. Although it also depends on how hard Sony market it. Uncharted 3 got a lot of TV adverts in the UK.

koehler831651d ago


I think a comparison with Drake's Fortune, adjusted for a massive increase in userbase is probably a fair metric.

Oh_Yeah1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Your right, The Last of Us will probably sell better than Uncharted. One reason, zombies. People will eat anything up if it's got zombies in it

Jek_Porkins1651d ago

So you are saying Microsoft is lying about sales? 2012 wasn't as good for Microsoft as 2011, but 2011 saw the Xbox 360's best selling year on the market. When you sell 1 million consoles on Black Friday alone, you are doing something right and you don't have much to complain about.

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nukeitall1651d ago

I think there is some minor damage to sales, due to some people telling "regular customers" that a new one will be out, but the vast majority won't know.

If you know and follow the announcement, you likely already own both a PS3 and Xbox 360 by now.

It certainly wouldn't affect game sales, as people still want to consume the content now, not in 10 months.


"it has been hurting for 3 years already software and sale wise, i dont care what Microsoft says."

You sure are trying to fan the smoke, but in this case there is no fire. So how about you show us instead of making up claims?


Only on n4g can you get disagrees for stating a completely valid point, sometimes I think hardcore gamers who come on sites like this forget they are just one section of the gaming consumer. I know many console buyers, who if it wasn't for me telling them, would no nothing of next gen until it was in the shops

morkendo231651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


something new besides complainting.

Ghoul1651d ago

Its that simple guys as allways with big companys

If a huge company gives out a statement saying they dont care means they DO care

If a huge company doesnt care they just dont care and them dont comment it at all

Whatdo you do when somene tells you to not care and just relax
Exactly you SHOULD start caring since hes trying to hold you down.

RiseUp441651d ago

There are more people playing ps3 now than ever before, The last of us will be a hit only if it is marketed properly and the PS4 announcement will not do anything to its launch at all.

subtenko1651d ago

That doesnt make any sense, a game as good as The last of us will make me still buy it even if the PS4 is announced. What you think when they say "Here is the PS4!" That I will say "Well I dont want the last of us game anymore"? That doesnt make sense

DeadlyFire1651d ago

Not if backwards compatible. :P

dcbronco1651d ago

Walker announcing the PS4 will most likely hurt PS3 sales. So what. This generation is over. But it will do nothing to hurt sales of games. There are 75 million PS3s out there. Several million of those owners will still buy a good game.

garos821651d ago

excactly this. ill be still buying ps3 games when ps4 is finally released (whenever that is) and thats because i never buy new hardware on day 1. not because i dont want too but because its best to weather the storm before any shortcomings of any console.
traditionally all consoles i have ever bought have usually been around their first drop in price except for ps2 which i got as a present

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


"Maybe, but PS4 announcement will damage to PS3 sales and upcoming exclusives like the last of us ."

They just stop selling ps2 1 month ago.. sooo..

Donnieboi1651d ago

Lol I laughed when the UK xbox heads say that: especially since PS3 is already beating Xbox 360 in the UK. If they think PS4's added presence won't have an effect, then they are dellusional. No wonder M$ has lost touch with it's [former] user-base. With clueless men like that running the company, it's amazing Xbox even sells anymore. Wow, those 2 men must be high off of those Xbox Live fees. Money sure has a way of clouding one's vision.

AngelicIceDiamond1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Realistically a PS4 announcement won't hurt the sales of the Xbox because its an ANNOUNCEMENT. Its not getting released the next day.

The interview confirms MS is no. no. 1 in the market. Not sure if that's in the UK or WW.

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iNathan1651d ago

But Xbox has nothing to do with PlayStation

Who buys Xbox wont buy Playstation 4 thats for sure.

So it wont affect but once Next Gen Xbox is announced 360 is done.

hennessey861651d ago

Well I'm an Xbox gamer and am with out a shadow of a doubt buying the PS4 as I did the PS3. Some of us are gamers not fanboys you no

Yi-Long1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

... I'll buy whichever consoles look good to me.

This generation those have been the 360 and the PS4, and next-gen it will just depend on what the new consoles will be capable of, and if there will be any irritating limitations or whatever. ('always online' demands, game-activation to restrict 2nd hand games sales, etc etc)

If the next-gen consoles aren't backwards compatible forinstance, there's a very big chance I'll wait for the 'Steambox'.

I started this generation as an Xbox fan, never having owned a Playstation system before. And the 360 has been great as well.

However, the last few years Microsoft has been messing up IMHO (Personally not interested in motion-sensitive gaming, nor dashboard apps), and I feel Sony has improved after a slow start and has looked after my needs as a gamer more than MS, so at the moment I'm a bit more interested in the new PS4 than I am about the Xbox8.

Yi-Long1651d ago

... 'PS4' should be PS3, obviously.

HITANDRUN1651d ago

I agree, I think most of us cant afford 2 consoles, I only have PS3, but I think it was a mistake. I will wait and see what happened next gen, I almost gt the wiiu, im glad I did not.

BiggCMan1651d ago

^Exactly... Wtf is that about?? A lot of people who rode with Sony with PS1 and PS2 still shifted to the 360 only because it was the first HD console released, and they were disappointed (rightfully) with the PS3 when it had first launched.

Cocozero1651d ago

Why would they be scared they are about to past the Wii and become No 1 in the UK (as said in the MCV article where this comes from) and the US.

MS are ready to dominate next gen.