Assassin's Creed 2 Confirmed? Survey Found

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decapitator3862d ago

This is a common sense situation. The first game was VERY successful. There is no way that, there wont be a sequel. Ubisoft should just make sure to fix their games before releasing them.

wowsauce3861d ago

Anyone who played the first one should have expected a sequel. As mixed as the reviews were, one constant in almost all of them was the fact that a sequel would probably be amazing.

There were a few bugs/issues with the game, but this game is so close to being awesome with a few new features and tweaks it would have probably been AAA.

Better combat and more Assassinations than side missions would have made this game a knockout. Of course, the survey did say something about co-op, which would be pretty intense. Mayhaps competitive assassinating (race to the target)?

Charlie26883861d ago

The day the game surpassed the 1million mark and knowing Ubi the sequel was almost guaranteed -_-

giososc3861d ago

They defenitley have to fix up the game. It was kinda buggy and it was extremely repetitive. I wasn't a bad game, but the side missions seemed unimportant. A sequel would truly be awesome, considering they would fix it. The game will probably continue in a different time period; mabey another Ancestor of Desmond's but with similar mechanics as Alair from the first.

TheWickedOne3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Yeah agree nothing really new here. But it's nice that they are getting opinions on what fans would like to see. How about more varied dialog and missions?

Jamegohanssj53861d ago

Lets get ready for the lies once more.

The genius has spoken.

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The story is too old to be commented.