Gi - Gioteck GC-2 PS3 Controller Review

Gi - hird party companies rarely make controllers that can compete with the official controller you get when you buy your console, and over the decades I’ve been gaming I have never been impressed with any other controller other than the official one. So, it was with a great sense of trepidation that I turned on the Gioteck GC-2 and started playing a few hours of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, followed by some Dirt 3 and Tekken 6, to allow the controller to be used on the most common types of games that people play today.

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Ultr1984d ago

I like giotek, they make some great hardware, but that d-pad is totally stupid.

Spinal1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Funny enough I just ordered this recently looking forward to testing it out. As I prep for the last of us and god of war ascension. Cause i prefer the 360 pad but no longer a member of Xbox live. Next gen ill only be gettin the PS4 so hopefully they have proper triggers.

Persistantthug1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

the controller isn't BLUETOOTH.

No go.

black9111984d ago

just get a Cronus Adpater!

danny8181984d ago

Where can i buy?!?someone help :/

Freeball1984d ago

I could've used this 4 years ago. Now with the PS4 announcement (allegedly) coming why bother? I'll just deal with the Dualshock 3 until the next gen hits later this year.

dubt721983d ago

This is probably the best controller a sony system has ever had (without using a cronus, of course)