Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 Super Slim Unboxing

IGN - We got our hands on an Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 Super Slim early so, naturally, decided to unbox it to show you guys what you're getting.

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no_more_heroes2012d ago

These colors actually make the super slim look really nice.

JoGam2012d ago

I might have to pick this up. Im going to retire my 60gig and grab this 500gig.

lovegames7182012d ago

Damn i want this and the red one wtf Sony how much does it cost you to change the color of a system and make them available a few years after release. Had they made it available a few years ago i would have bought it but now i wont because i just bought my son his own ps3 and I have three now.

MakiManPR2012d ago

I just bought the white one yesterday

clearelite2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Same games too :) I think I might go with the white one though.

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