So The Wii U’s Touchscreen Can Do Amazing Zelda Sketches

Kotaku: As you've seen in our regular Miiverse Moments feature, Nintendo's online community is a place where people don't just chat, but doodle. Like their lives depended on it.

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Ck1x1799d ago

There are simply some amazing artist on Miiverse!

ElectricKaibutsu1799d ago

Whoa. There's some talented people in this world.

deafdani1799d ago

I want Colors! for Wii U.

It's already amazing on the 3DS, and that is a stupidly tiny screen. Imagine how awesome it would be on the Wii U gamepad.


Skate-AK1799d ago

It's sure to come. It's even on the Vita.

MasterCornholio1799d ago

A resistive touch screen is much better for sketches than a copacitative one. Which is why you probably wont see sketches as good as this on the Vita. Heres some pictures of some sketches done with paint park on the Vita.

sandman2241799d ago

That's all it can do.....BURN!

PopRocks3591799d ago

There are some really neat artists in that community. Definitely some talented folks there.

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