New Limited Edition PS3 Consoles Hit Stores Tomorrow

GodisaGeek: "The garnet red one is exclusive to Game, though you can pre-order right now, via this link. The azurite blue model is available at other stores, such as Amazon, for £249.99. It’s a hard choice though, because Sony also revealed the limited edition white God of War: Ascension bundle, which does look tasty too.

Whatever choice you make, we’ve got some new images of the red and blue models for you to take a gander at."

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Chaostar1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


Although I'd go for the God of War one if I didn't have my good ol' launch fatty.

GodisaGeek1833d ago

That GoW one does look ace.

Azurite1833d ago

I hope we'll see a PS4 in that colour at launch, don't feel like buying another PS3 just for a new colour.

blackmamba7071833d ago

I don't think they'll go for a "toy" look, if it's supposed to be in the centre of living rooms

has to be black, glossy/metallic you name it

Azurite1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It can be "Azurite blue" with glossy/metallic too.
Never said I wanted to keep the ugly plastic look.

Only want the colour in question for obvious reasons.

Sharius1833d ago

wow, the new color look awsome, but my 160Gb baby still kicking A, and ps4 will come out soon so i think i will not change for now

NobodyImportant1833d ago

Quick!! Change the colour so we can make a few more PS3 sales before the 20th comes around.

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