Ubisoft Bringing Watch Dogs, Rainbow 6 to Wii U, Axes Beyond Good & Evil 2 For All Platforms


We already revealed in advance of the previous Nintendo Direct that the Monolith Soft game would be revealed as well as the Wii U VC. The same source is now telling us that while they won't show up in the Nintendo Direct, Watch Dogs and Rainbow 6 are in fact coming to Wii U. Although, a multi-platform release of Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been axed after disappointing sales of Wii U in Europe and the steep price point of one of the upcoming consoles was revealed to Ubisoft.

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miyamoto1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

We will not buy another Ubisoft title again on Wii U...darn prick:S!

Good_Guy_Jamal1977d ago

Go ahead, you surely won't be missed.

Nimblest-Assassin1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

He has a brilliant idea... you know how much of a big deal nintendo made about the wiiU having third party support

Yeah, might as well not buy games from the 3rd party that not only made a bigger push than nintendo for its own consoles launch, but is one of the few third party devs still supporting it.

Where is EA, Activision after they promised they would support the system?

How about Team Ninja porting a game... that was PUBLISHED by nintendo to other consoles?

Rayman is coming out of ubisofts pocket... they know that not every wiiU owner is going to buy the game... so of course they made the game multiplat. Ubi delayed Rayman because the install base for wiiU is low... thats no secret.

They delayed the wiiU version because they want a maximum yield from the game... people who think GTAV will ruin this game are delusional. This will appeal to families more than GTA will, much younger audiences with responsible parents will pick the game up

They are a business that wants to capitalize on their investment... sure it sounds dirty and all but think about this carefully

Not supporting them is going to further increase the possibility of third parties abandoning nintendo again... you know that thing nintendo kept making a big deal about for the wiiU.

Brilliant plan he has

If they decide to boycott Ubisoft games, other third parties will notice and will ultimately stop caring about the wiiU, thus resulting in the wii all over again

PopRocks3591977d ago


Ignore him. He's a troll.


I'm not choosing to boycott Rayman Legends or Ubisoft games in general. However their shady business practices in regards to the Wii U version of RL have certainly deterred my enthusiasm for the game.

I'll be focusing on more exciting endeavors, such as a number of the recently announced 3DS game as well as the likes of Monster Hunter and Pikmin 3 (whenever it comes out). Until then, RL remains lower on my list of games to play.

gearchin11972d ago

i'm looking forward to some awesome games from ubisoft, that said the delay of a completed game, for a multiplat release is bogus. ill look forward to either watch dogs or rainbow 6 for wii u.

PirateThom1977d ago

That's just what the Wii U needs, people buying less games.

jimbobwahey1977d ago

I agree. The sooner Nintendo exits the console business and starts making games for other companies (like Sega) the better. People shouldn't have to buy crappy Nintendo hardware just to buy the one (or two, if you're really lucky) worthwhile Nintendo games that get released each year.

gearchin11972d ago

@jimbobwahey you are daydreaming my friend, the day Nintendo stops, it's the day they stop everything completely.

showtimefolks1977d ago

That's why 3rd party publishers barely support Nintendo because people like you only buy Nintendo 1st party exclusives and rest of the time play Nintendo land or some weird exercise are

UBI has been ne of the best publisher for Nintendo, they support wii pretty well now they are doing the same for wiiu. But guess what at the pace wiiu Is selling I don't see a lot of tempting from publishers to push their AAA games on wiiu.

Because of gamers like you who take the fact a game was delayed too damn serious

000011977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

forget the paragraphs about the Wii U games, this quote right here is dynamite and is very interesting to anyone interested in the next sony or microsoft console. the quote is regarding Ubisoft's reluctensy to further Beyond Good and Evil 2 as an up-port to next gen consoles in the future. --> "2)The publisher heard the pricing of one future console from the console’s maker and got scared that penetration of the console at launch might be too low due to the economy." <-- that quote is very telling that at least one of the next generation consoles is going to launch at a fairly steep price.

both sony and microsoft are selling console bundles and other variations of the playstation 3 and xbox360 right around $399.00. people are clearly buying these aging consoles around the $400.00 mark, so you have to assume Ubisoft isn't thinking $400.00 is high entry when people are willing to still buy older systems at that price. that means one console maker is going to be selling its console at launch at least at $450.00-$500.00, possibly even more. this is very interesting because i am extremely curious what will be in this console that justifies a high launch price like that. regardless im interested to see how this story unfolds for either sony or microsoft.

Neonridr1977d ago

Did Sony not learn last time when they launched a $600 console? They think the economy is in better shapes this time around to justify another beast price tag? I just shake my head sometimes..

000011977d ago

i wouldn't go accusing Sony just yet man, Microsoft is the company adding all this supposed media support to its next console where as i really havent heard any rumors to suggest the playstation 4 should be that expensive. it wouldnt surprise me if the tables turned this launch. but we will have to see!

Skate-AK1977d ago

Oh wow they might have canceled Aliens:CM. I know it's bombing but I know a lot of people were holding out for that title.

Starfox171977d ago

Not bothered i'll be on LegoCity/Monster hunter and NFS Mostwanted.

Skate-AK1977d ago

Lego City looks awesome.

Neonridr1977d ago

That would be absolutely ridiculous. The game was basically completed at this point. Why not just take a bunch of money, pile it up and set it on fire instead of wasting all that development time.

Although in this industry, you never know...

Such a disappointment though. The Wii U owners were promised the definitive version, however maybe no game at all is in fact the definitive version. My god they were right!

BanBrother1977d ago

Yay Ubosoft, don't make Beyond Good and Evil 2, you can make more money off milking Assassin's Creed dry!!

I stopped liking Ubisoft after they announced Assassin's Creed 10.

RuperttheBear1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Shame about Beyond Good and Evil 2, been looking forward to a sequel for years.

Menashe1977d ago

Me too. One of my favorite games of the PS2/GC/Xbox era. It had so much atmosphere and charm. Michel Ancel is one of a kind and he deserves better.

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