Will You Be Paying More For Xbox Live Next Generation?

GOS: "Recent rumors have surfaced about the specifications of the next Xbox. Unfortunately for gamers who were expecting new information to surface, what was revealed is the same old stuff we already knew. Edge’s report did include something that made me think about a working theory i have about the Xbox Live service and its future. It has been stated that a “new iteration of Xbox Live” will be important to the next Xbox. This could mean that the service will look and work differently than the current generation version we all know and love (or love to hate).

With all the news Microsoft has made about their plans to entertain their fanbase, I believe a couple of scenarios will come out of all this. Either the price of Xbox Live will rise or paying yearly could be replaced with a monthly subscription plan. This is speculation on my part of course."

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iNathan1798d ago

I´ll be paying if:

When you have Gold you get Xbox Music FREE and SOME Xbox Videos for FREE aswell...

Make it Work like PSN Plus for Games.

Make every App Free for Gold Users and in Payed Apps because of Companies Rules makes Gold Users pay 50% LESS!

More discounts on DLCs and EVERYTHING for Gold Users.


That would make a GREAT Value and i´ll be willing to pay.

xursz1798d ago

I actually expect MS to get rid of the "pay to play online" model entirely. Hopefully they'll offer a premium service similar to PS+.

Ritsujun1798d ago

Yup, never gonna happen.

decrypt1798d ago

"I actually expect MS to get rid of the "pay to play online" model entirely."

Lol Ms generates about 1 Billion USD in revenue from online charges, they arent going to let it go.

If MS were to remove the online charges the profitability of the entire division would be significantly hit.

If anything i would expect Sony to start charging to go online.

zeee1798d ago

They need to do what Sony has done. Psn plus is superior hands down. When cross game cost kicks in with ps4, ps plus will be "the" network. The dominant force.

nukeitall1798d ago


"I actually expect MS to get rid of the "pay to play online" model entirely. Hopefully they'll offer a premium service similar to PS+."

Will not happen. It has been far to successful and those resources are then poured back into XBL to make it even better.


"If anything i would expect Sony to start charging to go online."

If anything, I think Sony might or at least try to extract more profit out of it. In their latest quarter, Sony only had a 6 million dollar profit in the biggest quarter of the year, this late in the cycle.


"When cross game cost kicks in with ps4, ps plus will be "the" network."

I think you still don't get it. It's not about just specific features, it is about community building as well.

Cross game chat is nice, and I use it all the time. It will be very nice to have on the PSN, but one of the major reasons XBL is awesome is because my friends list isn't full of people opening up their gazillionth account and no longer use it.

Having that fee on XBL Gold weeds out a lot of that crap of people opening multiple accounts to gain the system.

dgonza401798d ago

Yeah, LIVE is too much of a cash cow for Microsoft to axe. What reasons do they have to offer an option for a free service? Unless their sales are complete and utter shit, they will not just stop asking for money to play the online portion of your game. It's unfortunately a hole 360 owners dug for themselves. I'm really interested to see what MS does because these last couple of years Sony has had them beat with their services and videogames. The sheer amount of value from plus, and the variety of exclusive games from Sony makes me confident in purchasing a PS4. Microsoft needs to show me something pretty great to buy their console if they both come out this year.

MikeMyers1798d ago

I don't mind Microsoft charging a fee for services like PS+ does but I will not be supporting a paid model that has to be in place in order to play online. When I buy a game for $60 I expect the game to work which includes access to online play.

I don't understand how we have gotten away from the single player experience model where the games now cost $60 plus a paid subscription model to unlock online multiplayer.

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showtimefolks1798d ago

Once psn gets cross game chat than xblive has no value to me personally. More power to you of you want to pay but o already don't see the value

Psn:plus is a great service I pay for that but I don't even use that much so I am gonna staying basic package of psn for now.

Software_Lover1798d ago

There are discounts on games for Gold Users. They just dont advertise them as well as PS+ because that is the major draw to ps+. I do agree there needs to be more discounts though.

IMHO the blocked free apps for silver is an illegal fiasco. You shouldn't need gold to use netflix, kincet video chat, and some of the video services since you are already paying for those services some way.

NastyLeftHook01798d ago

never paid for it, never will.

stage881798d ago

+1 for not paying for a tax on multiplayer.

I expect to play the whole game when I buy one, not 50% and then having to pay again to unlock the other half.

TheSauce1798d ago

If there is a subscription next-gen then I want to see MS step up live a lot!

Weekly deals, free subscriptions to services such as hulu/netflix, easier social networking, toned down adds, and a horde of new games on the marketplace each week.

BanBrother1798d ago

There are weekly deals, so I take it you meant half-decent weekly deals lol. Deal of the week sucks so bad, they recycle the same old garbage that no-one wants.

Sizzon1798d ago

Right now I'm not a gold member, but I will again on the next generation Xbox for Halo 5 etc.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Wow you would seriously pay for Xbox Live for one freaking game? Pay to access your already paid for apps such as Netflix etc. You need to rethink what you doing its a damn rip-off!.

pompombrum1798d ago

It's funny reading stuff like this tbh, people keep going on about the p2p model for MMOs is dead yet you have people here willing to p2p just for an fps game with no free new content or anything.

Sizzon1798d ago

I never said only Halo 5, I think and hope Microsoft will have more new IP's with the 720.

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