Is Gearbox Really a Great Studio — and What Happened to Aliens? Let’s Look at the History.

Vagary.TV examines the history of Gearbox Software through its review scores and looks at the troubled development of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Is Gearbox Software a great studio? With a remarkable 46 point spread between their highest and lowest scores, there's certainly a question. Out of 10 games and 9 pieces of DLC, Aliens ranks as the worst software they've ever released, followed by Duke Nukem. Their other games review middling to much better. So what went wrong and, in a time of rampant studio closures and thousands of lost jobs, can we really consider Gearbox a hit-maker?

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Wagz221803d ago

Yea It displays an image instead.

Abash1802d ago

I think the lack of money from SEGA was also what made that Aliens game crappy. You need quite a lot of cash from publishers while you're developing a game and SEGA doesnt seem like they have a lot to give. So I wouldnt Gearbox is completely at fault

Sketchy_Galore1802d ago

Come on guys, can we please have a discussion without going off topic and attacking beloved Nintendo characters?

....sorry, couldn't resist.

juandren1802d ago

Lol when I read "Link is no good" I thought "wtf does this have to do woth Zelda?"

Blank1802d ago

You gave me my laugh of the day here +1 bubble!

gamebynight1803d ago

Whoops, sorry guys! Should be fixed now.

Megaton1802d ago

Borderlands is their only good series, IMO.

camel_toad1802d ago

Yeh I honestly think they got lucky with Borderlands - primarily because they hit that formula before anyone else really did.

It may have just been one person's great idea and the rest of the studio just rode the wave.

cyguration1802d ago

Brothers in Arms is good.

Megaton1802d ago

I only played one of them. Hell's Highway I think. Didn't care for it.

ElementX1802d ago

I read that Gearbox outsourced the single player campaign to another company.

RXL1802d ago

read that too..

they basically didn't have anything to do with it..

SuperShyGuy1802d ago

Apparently is got outsourced to TimeGate and they threw out everything Gearbox did, but then Gearbox came back after finishing Boarderlands and threw out what TimeGate did

antz11041802d ago

Thats not true, they stated they did around 80% of it, and outsourced the rest to TimeStamp who they directly oversaw. Crappy I know, but it could have been worse.

SilentNegotiator1802d ago

STOP spreading that rumor!!

Gearbox DID have the majority to do with it.

AngelicIceDiamond1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Gear Box is good when they create new Ip's (Borderlands). Working on existing franchises is where they don't shine. They need to leave any existing franchise alone in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.