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In celebration of Black History Month, we take a look back at gaming's most memorable black characters.

Midway through Black History Month in the good ol’ US of A, I thought it would be nice to celebrate in my own way, with a bit of diversity to celebrate a diverse month. Coming from a multi-cultural background myself, I’m always thrilled to see people of color taking prominent roles within my favorite mediums. With that in mind, and in no particular order, I present just a handful of some of my favorite playable black characters in video games.

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thirtyandnerdy1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Great article! A couple of my other favorites are Dr. Eli Vance from the Halflife series and Lee Everett from The Walking Dead Telltale Games series. Lee was bold and as fantastic as we wanted him to be as players with choice, and I remember Dr. Vance feeling fatherly and cool in a rebellious and science-y kind of way. =)

jujubee881199d ago

Is great to play as on PS All-Stars.

What's the article about, btw? (I haven;t read it yet) :P

pr0t0typeknuckles1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

great list but it should also add
Lee Everett-the walking dead
Jax Briggs-mortal kombat
Nix-infamous 2
CJ, carl muthafucking johnson-GTA san andreas
James heller-prototype 2(ill always miss alex)
Emmet Graves-starhawk

MetalArcade1199d ago

I was thinking Drebin from MGS4 should be in there too.

Fierce Musashi1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Barret? FF7? Where?...........

Fishermenofwar1199d ago

I agree 100%...the best angry guy everrrr

LOL..When he goes nuts on the speed bag because cloud is being a douche.....

ApolloTheBoss1199d ago

You're forgetting Little Jacob from GTA IV.

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The story is too old to be commented.