Phew, *Now* R18+ Has Finally Passed In Queensland

After a bizarre day where those tuning in had to deal with discussion over court transcriptions and fencing laws. After a false alarm where one staffer in the Attorney General’s office accidentally sent a press release before the vote was taken, Queensland has finally joined the rest of Australia — and the Western world — by passing R18+ legislation at a state level.

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KaiPow1982d ago

I could be mistaken, but I think that the legislature already passed earlier this year and this is just Parliament saying that they're checking ID's.

Don't quote me on this. :D

BitbyDeath1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

That was for every state but QLD, hence the recent articles about GoW being R18 and not being able to be sold in QLD.

Now they can put it on the shelves again and i won't have to cross the border. XD

N311V1982d ago

Federal Government regulate the classification board and introduced the R-rating but state government legislate the laws, for example films can be X-rated but only the ACT and NT allow them to be sold.

BitbyDeath1982d ago

Apparently it hasn't passed yet and the page got pulled.
More info at Kotaku

BitbyDeath1982d ago

Has passed now, updated sub.
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