Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn't Worry About the Vita's Future

SuperPhillip Central writes, "A complement to yesterday's piece regarding the Wii U's future, today SuperPhillip Central is shifting focus to another struggling/doomed/dying/etc. platform, the PlayStation Vita. Like with the Wii U, there are decent arguments on both sides of the spectrum regarding why the Vita's future is up in the air. This is no doom and gloom piece. It is an attempt to be as fair as possible (note the word "attempt"), taking in account both viewpoints. Let's get the negativity out of the way first."

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fluffydelusions1895d ago

Vita is very good hw...shame it hasn't been better received. :(

delboy1895d ago

Vita is dead, so no worries about anything here. R. I. P.

Murad1895d ago

I haven't even purchased a Vita, but I believe it is as good as the 3DS, and will keep evolving.

DialgaMarine1893d ago

As good? Vita is superior to the 3DS in pretty much every respect. Hardware, games, online,; you name it and Vita does it better. The Vita's issue is that it aims primarily to the core market, but doesn't have the exclusive software to really back it up. It's only one hard hitting exclusive and that was Gravity Rush. Sure it has LBP, Uncharted, and Resistance, but those feel more like side projects to their console counterparts. With the exception of Killzone: Mercenary, Sony really hasn't put any of their excellent First Party to work with it, and that's why most of the first party titles come off feeling mediocre. Hopefully that will all change with the likes of Killzone and Tearaway, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I own a Vita, and personally, I think it's an amazing piece of software. It just needs some genuine support.

miyamoto1895d ago

Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play.

Kamikaze1351895d ago

Too bad the Vita version is JP only.

miyamoto1895d ago

its coming in English too this year

Kamikaze1351895d ago

I know the PC version is, which I'm psyched for. The Vita version is only being released in Japan for the time being.

TongkatAli1895d ago

Sony should advertise it. If people knew it existed and had a good advertisement showing the party chat, Skype, Twitter, email and showing off Gravity Rush. I think casuals would bite.

PopRocks3591895d ago

I don't think so. Casual game consumers generally gravitate toward the cheapest device on the market. Why go for a $250+ - $300+ Vita when there's a $170 - $200 3DS right next to it?

The Vita would do well with a price drop and some more software variety. Some advertisement would be great too. Just make the platform itself more competitive and it will probably pick up.

Ult iMate1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Maybe because 3DS can't party chat, Skype, Twitter, email and Gravity Rush? Or can it?

PopRocks3591894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

@Ult iMate

You clearly don't understand the way parents buy video game hardware. They're not looking for features like that, they're just looking for a cheap device for their kids to play games on. So no, they're not going to buy hardware by virtue of anything you listed unless it's been specifically advertized or showcased on the box.


Really guys? Is what I said so unreal to you? Take a good long look at the Vita's life at retail thus far then look at the 3DS', then tell me what you believe will make casuals dip.

andibandit1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Yeah they should've but its a moot point anyway now. Vita is following in the exact same footsteps as the PSP..... Game Over.

Insert Coin to continue

TongkatAli1894d ago

I played my PSP more then my DS lite so if the Vita last as long as the PSP.........AWESOME.

gamernova1895d ago

I don't work for sony so I don't worry...

knifefight1895d ago

I don't work for Sega but the Dreamcast died in less than 2 years.

...And it was selling better than the Vita.

Vita has great hardware and software. That doesn't mean people are currently buying it.

Theyellowflash301895d ago

Dreamcast died because Sega ran out of money, all of their past mistakes with the Sega CD, 32X, and Saturn finally caught up to them with the Dreamcast.

If they didn't have those failures before the Dreamcast, they might still be around making consoles today...... oh and the Sega Nomad as well. Looking back, Sega F*cked up so many times with their hardware.... I don't even know how they managed to make it into the 2000s

Gaming_Guru1895d ago

Because you don't work for the company it doesn't mean it won't effect you. It would suck if TV only had one channel or a movie theatre only had one showing.

gamernova1894d ago

I just feel like it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that their device does well. From the success of the playstation 2, I do not doubt Sony could do great things; hence why I do not worry. What does worrying do for the company, anyway? I have seen hundreds of worry or doom articles and has it generated revenue for the PS vita? This is where my logic comes from.

strigoi8141895d ago

well vita is gonna stay for a while. just need more advertisement and attractive games. Or a re-release of ps2 classics..

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