Valve Finished With Developing Big Video Games?

Valve, the development studio behind the critically acclaimed Half Life series has had its foundation shaken.

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majiebeast2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

How can you fire/let go the character designer that did TF2 and Half life 2. Did Gaben go nuts?

Root2007d ago

Wonder what they are going to do with TF3 and HL3...unless he's worked on them first and then they let him go

I mean I feel that they don't have enough focus on HL3 at the moment. Its like they want us to forget about it

I'm hoping it's going to be announced this E3, not even next gen console reveals can over shadow Half Life

jimbobwahey2006d ago

Valve seems to be abandoning game development and focusing on distribution (Steam) and hardware development (the upcoming Steam box). I don't think they plan to do much actual game development in the future and to be entirely honest, I really don't think we will ever see a new Half Life game at all.

Wild speculation of course, but Valve seems to be stepping away from development and focusing more on the Steam platform.

dcbronco2006d ago

Jimbo, I think you hit the mark. I think they are Steam and hardware too. Developing is hit and miss. But if you are getting a royalty, you'll always make money with less risk. The problem might be are developers willing to pay a royalty on PC games. Especially if the platform uses open source Linux.

I do think we will continue to see Half Life and Valve's other hit games. But it might be as episodic content and big DLC content. So there might be less of a need for large teams an so much management.

fluffydelusions2007d ago

We will likely never know the reasoning behind this. Regardless, who's to say it was or wasn't deserved?

Bigpappy2007d ago

May be gabe see steam as valve's future and he can out source game development?

mochachino2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I generally regard Valve positively but I think they're too cowardly to produce Half Life 3.

The legacy of Half Life 2 and insurmountable expectations for HL3, which increases as time progresses has made Half Life 3 a guaranteed disappointment which would decrease their brand value.

Nothing would ever match the hype for HL3 and Valve knows it, they waited too long.

deadfrag2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

They are not cowardly,its simple; they dont have an engine ready for HL3,Valve is working on a new version of Source engine but the real problem is that is taking to long to come out with it to the point where we see other new version engines every year that most likely have better features than what valve is trying to bring out with the new Source.Source was known has a revolucionary engine when it was released,and Valve most likely wants to show big leap in the next version of Source,i think they need to work faster and put more resources to finnish this new version OF THE SOURCE,its taking so long that HL3 could end up like Duke Nuken Forever and come out looking outdated;i think thats whats worring Valve at the moment.

TheStorm2006d ago

Ya I don't think it's that they are cowards, I think they are just taking their time. I mean honestly the original Half-Life was much more revolutionary, and much more of a legacy, it changed the way gameplay was executed in FPS's all over. HL2 while great was just HL1 with better graphics, and physics. But they lived up to the massive legacy of the first. I'm sure they can do it again.

InTheLab2006d ago

I completely agree. They'll be pressured into modernizing the game and millions of fans will cry about there being a sprint or something silly instead of just enjoying the fact that HL3 is a thing.

In the end, it will be a huge disappointment in the eyes of HL2 fans but will be another solid effort from Valve....

kwyjibo2006d ago

@Mochachino "The legacy of Half Life and insurmountable expectations for HL2, which increases as time progresses has made Half Life 2 a guaranteed disappointment which would decrease their brand value."

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shaun mcwayne2006d ago

They gotta make left 4 dead 3. I love the L4D franchise, Its been my fave game this gen by far.

jaklink2006d ago

I actually think this more or less has to do with the lack of productivity among these certain individuals. As scathing as that sounds, it doesn't sound too far fetched. Working at place like Valve must be extremely demanding, and if you're no pulling your own weight, especially in a flat management structure, you're out the door. Simple as that.

Saryk2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

That's exactly what happens. I work for a private company, just like Valve. I have a job to do at my own pace. However if I am not carrying my weight, they can let me go at anytime. They don't need a reason!

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