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One of the most important jobs of a games journalist has always been to honestly convey information to their audience, in as accurate as a way possible. With that the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan go over the issues that surround having differing opinions when it comes to what is important for a game’s score, and why the power of public opinion can both hurt and help the process.

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knifefight1925d ago

The kind of review this industry needs.

dbjj120881925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

But not the one it deserves.

Edit: this is a two-car train of broken quoting.

doctorstrange1925d ago

Aliens Colonial Marines at least deserves a B+ out of 23

Foolsjoker1925d ago

Damn, I thought it would do better.

decimalator1925d ago

you're clearly a hack. it deserves at MOST three unicorns.

TrendyGamers1925d ago

Or a blue out of green, if red is the best score you can get.

Klonopin1924d ago

Nothing beats the Larry Flynt rating scale.

Megaton1925d ago

Overrated. Clearly you were paid off for your review.

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ftwrthtx1925d ago

On a scale of 3 North pole Elfs out of out of a possible 10 Elf pole elfs, it would get a final score of 3 penguins with an eskimo kicker.

doctorstrange1925d ago

Were you bribed to say that? There's no way it gets 3 penguins with an eskimo kicker, it only deserves 8 badgers running a chocolate locomotive.

ftwrthtx1925d ago

I'm not saying I was bribed, but the chocolate bunny rabbits delivered with the review copy had nothing to do with my final score.

I stand by my eskimo kicker.

Qrphe1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Someone open up a site to rate review sites. Their individual score would then compound into each of the scores each site gives for every game.

Or we could just stop taking reviews that seriously.