Take-Two takes over the WWE video game franchise As reported by Bloomberg, Take-Two Interactive is going to be working with Yuke's Co, who developed the WWE games for THQ, to clear up some transition issues. With Take-Two's help, the WWE & developer Yuke will be saving about $60 million in potential fees or other claims dealing with the bankruptcy of the gaming corporation.

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Gr811958d ago

Can't say Wrestling games have been anything special since the N64 days..This doesn't make me think this will change.

DaThreats1958d ago

Best publisher. They make most of the best sports games.

2pacalypsenow1958d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

only good sports game they do is The Basketball Series

DBergmark1957d ago

They had some great football games before EA purchased exclusivity rights to make NFL games.

VicodinViking1957d ago

So much this.

It would be amazing to see how advanced a No Mercy successor would be nowadays. SDvsRAW & the newest WWE series don't even hold a freakin' candle to how great No Mercy was.

More crazy things to do in matches would be appreciated as well, enough with this realism garbage. I play video games to do batshit stuff that they can't do in real life without serious reprecussions. I don't trust Yukes much, but I'll be okay with another HCTP or Day of Reckoning type of game. If it's another SDvsRAW type of game, I'm not even gonna bother wasting my time.

Yodagamer1957d ago

Unfortunately if their last fighting game (ready to rumble wii) was something to go by they might not just be as good as they used to be :(, i'd love to see a return to form though. I heard that style savy: trend setters (also developed by them) got pretty good reviews.

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Kratoscar20081957d ago

Yay WWE games are good, at least 13 tried to innovate lets hope they keep at it.

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