Top 10 Games With Insane Amounts of Replay Value

My list for "Top 10 games that guarantee 100+ hours of gameplay"

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nachokingp1891d ago

Is this article a joke? It's bad enough when you have to click through a slideshow of a top 10, but he's releasing each one a week apart? Not only that, but each week he's giving a 3 sentence summary? Is he going for "laziest article of the year" award? If you're going to wait a WEEK between entries, you should write a nice long writeup on each game in the list, telling us why it's got so much reply value and what makes it one of your favorite games. Convince us why we should give each game a shot! Three sentences? I can get more than that reading the summary on amazon. This is the laziest article ever.

b163o11891d ago

LMAO, desperate for hits are ye

Red_Orange_Juice1891d ago

My top 10 list of websites not worth visiting..

10. tgbuzz.
9. see next week, LMAO

brish1891d ago

I used to think top 10 lists where each item was on a separate page was the most annoying thing web designers could do.

I was wrong!

Now they have a top 10 list with each item on a separate page but you have to wait a week before you're allowed to see the next page!

whamlollypop71891d ago

A picture and barely a paragraph huh? Sir your website sucks a dick.

Detoxx1891d ago

Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas GOTY. I have over 1000 hours of gameplay with both games combined, it never gets old

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The story is too old to be commented.