Treyarch Begin To Usher In The Next Gen

Eskimo Press: " The franchise that has probably endured the most ridicule for the last 5 years is one of the first to take a significant step toward the next generation of gaming."

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Root1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

To be honest I couldn't care less if COD got a new engine for next gen

It's not the graphics people complain about really, it's the fact it's the same game from years ago and it will be the same game on next gen consoles with a new lick of paint.

You can't polish a turd but you can try to make it look presentable as much as you can

zerocrossing1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Exactly, what are graphical improvements going to do a for a franchise that's been stagnating since 2006?

COD can be good I genuinely believe that, but why would activision bother investing more money into it when it's a guaranteed sell even with aging game mechanics?.

Root1981d ago


You know whats going to happen though it's going to get this new lick of paint and people will be hailing it as a MASSIVE leap when it's not

Thus giving reviews the excuse to give it a high score...again

HammadTheBeast1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

The gameplay itself is just bad. They took "fast-paced action" way too far to cash-in, and now it's a joke.

When 70% of your fan base can go 90-0 consistently, there's a problem.

sdozzo1981d ago

Only problem is that it's not a turd. It's one of the highest grossing series ever.

zerocrossing1981d ago

X factor is one of the most watched shows on TV, Justin Bieber has millions of fans... popularity means nothing.

Anzil1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

@zerocrossing no but reviews do you retard call of duty is positively reviewed erry time!

zerocrossing1981d ago


You think posative reviews actually count towards a game being good? and you're calling me the retard...

1981d ago
sobekflakmonkey1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

it's funny, millions and millions of people play CoD, it's one of the highest grossing game series ever, constant high review scores, millions and millions of people love and play the game, they enjoy it, BUT you people say "it's not a good game" "that doesn't mean its a good game" "Popularity means nothing" "positive reviews dont actually count towards a game being good" "just because more people like this game than any other game doesn't mean its good"....

Honestly, guys? girls? It's okay if you don't like it, that's fine, I don't even like CoD, but I do think great overall review scores, the fact that more people play and enjoy CoD than any other game out there and the fact that it has the most sales of any franchise does mean that it is a great game, you guys are just upset because you don't like and you think nobody else should, be fuckn adults please...

By your logic, games with 1/10 overall game reviews and sell less than 250,000 total, and are hated by most people are the best games ever...

Statix1981d ago


IGN gave Black Ops 2 a whopping 93% score--a game that really doesn't advance the franchise in substantial or meaningful ways, and in fact takes a few steps back with laggy netcode that renders the multiplayer experience nearly unplayable half of the time.

Meanwhile, the same IGN gave Far Cry 3--generally considered by the gaming community to be the best FPS of 2012--a lower score at 90%.

That should tell you something about the so-called "legitimacy" of game review scores and gaming journalism as a whole. I have been a hardcore, veteran FPS gamer all my life. When truly brilliant and well-built FPS experiences like Hard Reset and STALKER 3--some of my favorite FPS games ever--only manage to achieve decent/moderate average Metacritic scores of 73% or 80% respectively from the gaming press, just because these games don't have the hype or advertising punch behind them like a monolithic franchise like COD... it truly makes me wary about trusting any game review sites whatsoever without a pinch of salt, and a truckload of cynicism.

RyuCloudStrife1981d ago

CoD haters hate when people state FACTS.

CoD franchise is the best this gen. FACT.

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Tacklebait1981d ago

The article is about its video streaming feature.. did anyone read it?

aceitman1981d ago

well hopefully they can have destruction , bring vehicles back like cod wow , and have more players in the matches.and they can change the graphics.

RioKing1981d ago

^So you want COD to be exactly like Battlefield, correct? Hmmm I wonder what people on here will complain about if that happens...

007Bond1981d ago

So with this you're basically saying games like Uncharted, God of war, Bioshock, are all trash? They sell alot less than COD yet their sequels seem very similar as well HATERS GONNA HATE

Root1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

They difference between those games and COD is that those developers actually spend time crafting games which will progress and evolve the games as each game goes by

Look at Uncharted to Uncharted 2 for example

Even Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 3 there was a big difference, not as much in graphics this time like the jump from Uncharted to Uncharted 2 but also in the gameplay. Drake moving more realisticly and interacting with the environment more...putting his hand on the railing of stairs, putting his hands on objects as he's running, putting his hands on the wall facing up when he's hit a dead end etc. Small improvments but they made sure to craft the best games they could

That my friend is what COD doesn't do.

So your argument fails....good try though

RioKing1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

^LMFAO!!! "The difference between Uncharted 2 & 3 was big"

Your example: He put his hands on more things.

Nice dude, nice. "Small improvements, BIG DIFFERENCE"

DOMination-1981d ago

A new engine means more than just better graphics.

coffinxnails1981d ago

that's funny root. Every single time COD is mentioned on here the old engine and bad graphics are brought up every single time. BO2 implemented quite a few new features for multiplayer as well as the single player campaign that allowed for more options and re playability.

@hammadtheone you have obviously never played the game or played a couple hours and never learned how to properly play if you believe 70% of cod players consistently go 90-0.

You dont make a new formula for a franchise that sells more than any other game each year, you constantly tweak and perfect the formula that works.
The multiplayer is here to stay, Even when the cod kiddies give up for the next cool FPS console game there will still be people who enjoyed the series since the beginning and will continue to play it.

KillrateOmega1980d ago

"You dont make a new formula for a franchise that sells more than any other game each year"

Yeah. You just keeping pumping them out on a yearly basis, so you can milk the franchise for all it's worth while simultaneously oversaturating it.

RioKing1980d ago just made too much sense. You better hide for cover..

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NastyLeftHook01981d ago

same engine, same gameplay, better graphics, same insane advertisingto kids who eat cheetos and drink mountain dew and have snot in there noses coming out with zits on there face.

1981d ago
RTheRebel1981d ago

As much as I dislike COD,
Good strategy by Activision make next cod game unreal engine 4 people will flock to it and say omg huge leap

shivvy241981d ago

that would be a stupid move, 25% of royalties go to Epic and cod makes shitloads of cash! from what i know activision makes about 1 billion in profit from each cod title, unreal takes 25% royalties so ur looking at $250mil , so really it would be smarter if they built their own engine

porkChop1981d ago

Wtf are you talking about? Epic doesn't take 25% royalties from UE-licensed games. People purchase a UE license (which is expensive compared to other engines) from Epic and that's it. If Epic was taking 25% royalties then NO ONE would license their engine. Geez, what are you fucking high?

OneAboveAll1981d ago

This series still uses canned death animations. That's how far behind they are.

creatchee1981d ago

Honestly, when I'm trying to take down as many people as possible while attacking and/or defending an objective, I could care less what it looks like when an enemy dies.

N0S3LFESTEEM1981d ago

Throw a knife at someones foot and watch them do the twirl of death.

HammadTheBeast1981d ago

lol objectives. You're doing it wrong.

CanadianTurtle1981d ago

I'm one of those people that didn't buy Black Ops 2. I couldn't be any happier! I used up my money for a few alternative games that will give me more fun than Black Ops ever will.

shivvy241981d ago

i stopped after mw2 , i tried my friends BO2 and i got bored in my second level so i just gave it back to him, same with MW3

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