Predicting tomorrow's Nintendo Direct 3DS and Wii U announcements

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes: "With Nintendo's next "Nintendo Direct" presentation set to take place tomorrow, only one question is on our minds: "What the heck will Nintendo announce?" We already know the publisher has plans to discuss its upcoming games for the Wii U and 3DS, but what is it that we'll actually see?"

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sknygy1955d ago

tomorrow? 47 minutes...

GribbleGrunger1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Cheers, fella. And it starts soon?

edit: 5 minutes!

nirwanda1955d ago

Thanks godchild have a bubble.

sknygy1955d ago

Seriously doubt there will be anything massive for the Wii U, this is more about the 3DS. Wii U isn't even being talked about on the European and Japanese Directs.

You seemed to of missed the point of the Bayonetta 2 video, the reason they showed that was because its too early to show any footage - two weeks man, two weeks.

Thepcz1955d ago

come e3 there will be nothing new to show

nirwanda1955d ago

Ha ha ha the ear of

lovegames7181955d ago

lol gtfo out of here go read my comment history on the article about Nintendo Direct today!!!!!! I said they are either going to announce a Mario 2000, Donkey Kong 20 or a Luigi mansion 6 lol bwahhhhh (plz ppl chk the article. Omg its sad when ppl already know Nintendo s routine and what they will announce.