Burning Bridges: Abandoning PlayStation exclusivity

Shack News: "Many developers, once synonymous with the PlayStation brand, are moving on to other platforms--some abandoning Sony altogether. The transition to PS4 will make it even more difficult for Sony to find exclusive content to rely upon."

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Abash2009d ago

"It even more difficult for Sony to find exclusive content to rely upon"

Really? Let's ignore that they acquired Media Molecule and Sucker Punch in the past few years, seeked third party studios to work on several of their series including publishing studios' original IPs, and have actually expanded on their most ambitious and critically acclaimed studios like Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog so they could have several teams producing multiple high quality games at once.

Whatever will Sony do.

classic2002009d ago

I lol at the statement. Nothing right now makes it hard for first party games with sony.

darthv722008d ago

sounds like such an absolute. Exclusivity for a platform comes from different sides. A game company can pitch the idea of a game being exclusive in exchange for financial assistance during development.

In some cases, the game company has that covered and then you get the pitch from the platform holder that they will publish the game in exchange for exclusivity.

We have seen those situations come and go. Then there are the instances of partial exclusivity or exclusive content. That has to be the most common one that has been done for generations.

Mostly because each platform wants said game to have something to differentiate it from the same game on another platform. We have seen this from back in the earliest days of the NES all the way to current releases. It may have even been as early as the 2600.

Time goes by and development costs rise and fall and when there is more supply than demand is when we see the glutt of developers choosing to step outside their exclusive boxes and try and get more revenue streams flowing.

We never really eliminate exclusivity. It just transcends onto something else. Once it was Atari, then it was nintendo then it was Sony...which company will be the center of the "abandoning (insert platform) exclusivity" article for next gen?

MaxXAttaxX2008d ago

They're still talking about the PSN outage which happened 2 years ago.

wishingW3L2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

if you guys took the time to read more than just the tittle of the article before jumping right into the comment section you wouldn't be saying the kind of stuff you guys are saying right now.

Everything the author is saying it's the absolute truth and backed up with facts.

Enemy2008d ago

Sony has the most exclusives every generation. They'll have even more next gen after acquiring Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, and Evolution. Next up Quantic Dream.

Can anyone name a publisher with more exclusives than Sony?

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Root2008d ago

Well said man


What I don't get with a third party dev like insomniac games is that they broke away from Sony because they wanted the "freedom" and they end up going to EA....the worst person to restrict you when making games for them.

I mean WTF....that contradicts all your reasons for apparently wanting to move on

bluetoto2008d ago

You forgot to mention they get to OWN their IP in their deal with EA PARTNERS. Any and all work they did under sony is owned by sony.

So yeah, let's all turn on a company for wanting to own their work.

HammadTheBeast2008d ago


yeah, because the new "Fuse" is obviously generic like they wanted isn't it?

Root2008d ago



If they really did own their own franchise FUSE wouldn't have turned out the way it has

It would still be called Overstrike and would of kept the fun animation and style it had in the first teaser.

MikeMyers2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

So tell us Root, what freedom did Sony allow Insomniac? I asked you before and you deflected and never gave an answer. I expect the same thing again.

Working with EA gives them more options. One is better marketing, two is more exposure since it will not be limited to just Sony platforms, three and most importantly is own their own ip.

Their history with Sony was limited to Ratchet and Clank and the Resistance series. You have no idea what freedom Sony allowed in the creation of new ip's. You're not a programmer, you're not an employee for either Sony or EA. In other words you have NO IDEA of what went on with Insomniac and Sony or Insomniac and EA.

Once again your personal issues with EA are clouding your judgment. A judgement you're all too eager to display long before a game is even released.

Root2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Mike your talking crap again

Sony just let them get on with it, yeah they probably had some little say here and there but they let them get on with making the game they wanted to make.

They wouldn't of told them to change everything about their game to make it sell, they would of trusted them as a developer since they've known them since the PS1 days with Spyro.

"Their history with Sony was limited to Ratchet and Clank and the Resistance series."

and Spyro

Three games per franchise which is 9 in total they made for them over the years from the PS1 to the PS3.

It shows you have much you know

What person doesn't have a problem with EA.....oh I get it now. Your a fan of EA and your getting ticked off that people don't like them

Wow....blind much. Next time Mike know what your talking about before you comment :)

MikeMyers2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

"Sony just let them get on with it, yeah they probably had some little say here and there but they let them get on with making the game they wanted to make."

Prove it. Oh wait, you can't. Just like you can't provide any information how much flexibility Insomniac has with EA.

"They wouldn't of told them to change everything about their game to make it sell, they would of trusted them as a developer since they've known them since the PS1 days with Spyro."

You mean like how Quantic Dream was told to add Move functionality to Heavy Rain and drop the add-on plans? Or how All4One just happened to have Move controls too? Face it, they much like Rare for Microsoft, are pressured to do things like help sell peripherals.

"and Spyro"

I was talking about the PS3 and what they did on that platform. They don't even have control of Sypro anymore because they don't own the ip. Look at how that game is now. So again it is key for Insomniac to own their own ip.

"Three games per franchise which is 9 in total they made for them over the years from the PS1 to the PS3.

It shows you have much you know"

On the PS3 they were limited to two franchises and their games did not get much marketing under Sony and less exposure since their games are limited to Sony paltforms. EA could help that.

"What person doesn't have a problem with EA.....oh I get it now. Your a fan of EA and your getting ticked off that people don't like them"

I know EA are greedy and I will not use Origin if I don't have to. This isn't personal like you make it out to be. You have personal issues with these publishers, I don't. I choose which games I want and don't want. I love the NHL games. You're problem is you cannot differentiate the publisher from the game. Just like so many other people on here that generalize with all games on the PS3 or all games on the Xbox 360 or Wii. What you guys do is take a game like Forza and distinguish it with Microsoft. So what we have are groupies out there who support or don't support certain companies and take the emphasis away from the actual games.

So no, I'm not an EA fanboy. Nice deflection but that's what you're good at.

"Wow....blind much. Next time Mike know what your talking about before you comment :)"

So says the guy who keeps commenting on games he hasn't played. Pot, kettle, black.

bluetoto2008d ago


It doesn't matter if it looks and plays like crap to YOU, THEY OWN it. And for the record, many people including myself thought overstrike looked lame as hell, even my 13 old nephew thought it was fruity.

I can think my opinion is important too.

What don't you understand about that? They wanted to OWN their work. I don't care what type of "freedom" sony gave them, whatever they came up with it was going to belong to sony.

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JaggEDGE512008d ago

This was written by a site who's star employee is dating a employee who works for Superbot and just got cut.

For what it's worth..

007Bond2008d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond2008d ago


Sony's not invincible. They'd shut allot of their studios down. But still have allot of major first party studios currently making 1st party PS4 games for them.

2008d ago
Christopher2008d ago

***developing on a PS3 is expensive***

No more so than developing for the Xbox 360...

Cueil2008d ago

that would be factually incorrect

Christopher2008d ago

***that would be factually incorrect***

Care to show me the proof to these facts? PS3 being 'more difficult' because it's new technology (which, btw, is extremely outdated in today's day and age) doesn't equate to it costing more to develop for.

People have in-house engines or use third-party engines that already take advantage of creating multiple versions of a game for multiple platforms. There is nothing that says that it costs more to produce a PS3 game of one quality as it would on the 360 of the same quality. None.

DonFreezer2008d ago

Rename the site to News 4 Sony Gamers and move on.We're sick of everyone of you defending Sony to your death.This guy has an opinion and no matter what you imply to him this is not going to change.

kenshiro1002008d ago

So there's something wrong saying why the opinion's wrong in the first place? You can disagree with an opinion..

Cueil2008d ago

@shadowgeist00 it's a impossible for an opinion to be wrong... it is an opinion... the opinion that this is mostly a sony fanboy based site has merit... as for the article I think it also has some merit since the person was writing about 3rd party exclusive developers... we all know that Sony has wonderful first party developers that wasn't part of the topic.

pain777pas2008d ago

They should go watch a recent Ted Price interview from Insomniac and see that you guys are way off base. Everything depends on the future financials. Also all moves were financially motivated and had nothing to do with a broken relationship with Sony just like us getting better higher paying jobs. In honesty, I think all the devs wanted to stay with Sony if the install base was like the PS2 days but those days are over... times change and tough decisions have to be made. I think Insomniac will be back eventually but that is the future so........

showtimefolks2008d ago

A true hater of playstation wrote this because ts all just hate

Even with all the mistakes ps3 just passed up your precious xbox360 even thought 360 had a year ahead start along with a lower price point and a better more structured xblive at launch

All the mistakes Sony made yet still beat ms and will soon pass up wii. For 3 straight gens sony's platform will be the most sold home console yet somehow any failed

Neither Nintendo nor ms delivered the exclusive content that sny has delivered in last 5 years, they own a lot of studios they let hose studios do games they want instead of forcing them to work n something else

Keep hating because February 20th y'all gonna be hating more

Ps4 along with atleast 5 big games will be show on February 20th.

Hates can hate but never appreciates

adorie2008d ago

This announcement by Sony is luring out all the trolls.

I'm literally witnessing the beginning of the garbage snowball against Sony.
I want to see people more savvy investigate these people, websites and the material in future articles.

Then it is up to people who have an affinity for truth to light the fire under the asses of people with nothing better to do than pass off opinion as sound fact and spread misinformation.

kenshiro1002008d ago

Doesn't matter what Sony does. The media will forever find something to pick on.

DigitalSmoke2008d ago

This guy uses a fake account, look at the Agree's, everybody Disagree in text Reply's.

Lets have this cheat kicked.

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Lucreto2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I don't agree with the article. There are some things that are not correct with the article.

"However, after lackluster sales of Resistance 3, the studio announced plans to go multiplatform."

Actually they announced it before Resistance 3 was released. Ted Price announced in May 2010 about multiplatform and Resistance 3 was released in September 2011.

"Recent revelations that PS3 development led the studio to go broke could be one of the reasons why Jenova Chen and company are seeking new platforms for their future games."

Or it could be the 3 game deal that has just finished.

"The studio was formerly a developer for Sony Computer Entertainment, contracted to create three downloadable games for the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network service, and has since secured independent funding." from wikipedia.

The reason that thatgamecompany nearly went broke is because they delayed Journey for A YEAR. And Sony paid for the extra time. And was rewarded with the highest-grossing game on PSN yet. Not to mention of all those GotY nominations/wins.

Sony have about 25 studios to look after in a time of economic recession Sony trimmed the fat with a few of their smaller studios, but we've also seen others like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla expanding. Microsoft have culled studioes over the past 5 years as well and one who bought there freedom.

Microsoft lost Bungie. Lost Molyneux. Lost the creative leads of Rare. Losing SCE Liverpool doesn't compare to losing Bungie.

In fact, many of Sony's studios have matured this generation. Look at Naughty Dog, winning all the GotYs. Look at Sucker Punch, making InFamous. The games from existing Sony studios have only gotten better through this generation. Sony Santa Monica deserve credit as well. Guerrilla opening a studio in the UK. They're starting to look like Crytek.

Saigon2008d ago

Great post, but I think the other part that was missed is that some of the employees that had their studios shut down went on to work with other studios within the Sony Organization. That is the part that is there but never mentioned. doing that saves Sony a huge amount of money.

Jazz41082008d ago

Quite honestly ms is better off with what they created at 343 then to have forced bungie to stay. Ms actually did a nice thing in letting bungie have there freedom and they know it which is why ms is getting timed and exclusive content first. 343 is full of more talent then bungie and there first game they ever made together was brilliant. Ms built them a state of the art studio and gave them as much freedom as they wanted according to the studio and ms just threw money at them with unlimited budget. Sounds like s devs dream. I dont expext this comment to be popular as i said something nice about ms and you just cant do that on here anymore if you want more then one bubble and why this sites 360 fans have moved on and just mainly plays games and gets there news from less biased places then a sony fan site. I have been on n4g for at least eight years and as far back as i can remember the sony fans have been disruptive and have ran off some good people. My hope is that biases will be put aside and gamers can enjoy all things gaming again without the hate but thats up to the mods on this site and they seem to have no problem going with whatever is popular and that is wrong. Good day.

Root2009d ago

God the PS4 isn't even out yet....hell not even been announced and we're getting articles like this

Come on man....

AznGaara2008d ago

Just wait until after the 20th.

"PS4 doomed because this wasn't E3"
"PS4 doomed because its a black console"
"PS4 doomed because we want hits"

I can go on.

2008d ago
TheFallenAngel2008d ago

"PS4 is doomed because it doesn't cure AIDS"
"PS4 doomed because it costs money"
"PS4 doomed because because because...."

fsfsxii2008d ago

I'm not sure why you want any of the three big heads of gaming getting out, competition is important

nirwanda2008d ago

I think the opposite, the stuff I keep hearing about the new xbox is putting me off, as sony seems to be more focused on gaming, if I want all the multimedia stuff I have my phone of tablet, if I want to game I turn on my console

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BitbyDeath2008d ago

Time to burn bridges with this website.

Story Quality - WTF
Like this website - No

Cocozero2009d ago

Metal Gear, DMC, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Star Ocean, Resident Evil, GTA the list goes on...

Many brought the PS3 thinking those would be exclusive to the system, next gen everyone knows they will be on Xbox too so it will be anyones game to be number 1.

bicfitness2008d ago

Star Ocean was announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive, so a fail for you on that. Ninja Gaiden 1/2, Mass Effect, Vesperia (Japan only, but still). Xillia 1/2 skipped the 360 entirely and are PS exclusive. I could go on. The pendulum swings both ways. 3rd party exclusivity is a dying thing, but you still see more of it on the PS3 (certain Live only releases aside). Disgaea, Yakuza, Ni No Kuni, Atelier, almost any high profile HD JRPG these days not made by SE is exclusive to the PS brand. Developers aren't even bothering with a port as the 360 sales are officially dead in Japan.

Nyxus2008d ago

If people bought a PS3 for Metal Gear, it was for MGS4. And that game is still exclusive for the PS3.

Knight_Crawler2008d ago

But the question is will Sony through enough money at Konami to keep MGS 5 on the Playstation only?

I know Kojima is a PS fanboy but I do not think that decisions is up to him seeing how they shareholders will want as much profit as possible from all the R&D that went into the Fox engine.

Root2008d ago


I think it is up to him in some way

I mean if he knows he can do more on the PS4 then he'll want to develop just for that console. Kojima likes to have the best tec and hardware when making a game. He would hate to be restricted when making a game

Cueil2008d ago

@Root if that was true he'd not develop for either of these pathetic consoles and simply develop PC games... since he's probably not 100 percent into just the most powerful hardware he must have some line that is drawn in the sand. Sony does have a huge build in fanbase for MGS so it wouldn't be surprising to see it stay on the platform if not totally exclusive at least timed

N311V2008d ago

I was one of those people that bought a PS3 because I thought that was the only place I could play a number of games. When some of those games went multiplatform I was like "WHAT! That's why I bought an expensive PS3". Wasn't long though before Sony started pumping out impressive new exclusive IP. After that I was happy I'd decided to stick with PlayStation.

I'm curious to know, did Sony own any first party studios in the PS1/PS2 eras or did they start buying studios in response to the loss of exclusive third party support?

wenaldy2008d ago

IIRC back in PS days, Sony Owned Psygnosis (SCE Liverpool, now defunct and merged with Guerilla Games London), now defunct 989 Studios (Syphon Filter, 3extremes), Polyphony Digital (GT series) including Japan Studio, Santa Monica studio, SoHo studio (part of Sony internal studios). In PS2 days, Sony bought Naughty Dog, Evolution studio (WRC series).. the rest is second party agreement like Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Media Vision etc..

SnakeCQC2008d ago

i think the article confused the ps3 with the wiiu!