Kickstarter suspends online casino game's campaign after four days

Casino MMO Chumba World is given the boot on crowdfunding website Kickstarter four days into its campaign for unknown reasons.

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Tolkoto1954d ago

Weird, I though Kickstarter loved gambles.

ironfist921954d ago

I suddenly see the irony here. Bubz

SybaRat1954d ago

If it's gambling, they're already taking everyone's money.

maelstromb1954d ago

While Kickstarter's reasoning for taking this game down is still not entirely clear, I for one do not feel that any sort of gambling "game," and I use that term loosely, is deserving of crowd funding.

Think about it. As a consumer, you're not getting a "finished" product that is then yours to keep and do with whatever you choose like you would with a videogame or a book or a movie. It is a product that requires you to continually throw your hard-earned money at it once it is completed, which seems to go against the whole idea of a "project" funded via Kickstarter. So unfortunately for the developers of Chumba World, I do not feel sympathy.

barefootgamer1954d ago

The game is free-to-play. Sure, you can buy some in-game currency if you want, just like you can in other Facebook games, but I don't think it's mandatory.