Top 10 Hammiest Performances in a Video Game (with Videos!)

GameDynamo - "The conventional wisdom will often tell an actor to play a character with a nuance and understated approach. However, sometimes the most memorable characters are the ones played by actors who threw subtlety to the wind and chewed up the scenery. This is especially true with video games, which often cast the players in outlandish situations and demand similarly over-the-top performances from their voice artists. Here are ten of the most memorably overacted roles in video game history, performances so hammy they nearly threatened to turn the game disc into a wedge of bologna."

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Don't bother reading, it's spread across 5 pages.

TekoIie1980d ago

DUDE!!! Dont spoil the article.../s

Sketchy_Galore1980d ago

Good to see Dracula from Castlevania sotn, truly one of the greatest performances ever given by... huuuuuemans. Sounds like Nick Nolte doing an impression of the comedy loving lion from South Park.