RUMOR - EB Games Wii U reserve list shows Watch Dogs, Rainbow 6 Patriots

GameStop is currently listing Watch Dogs and Rainbow 6: Patriots for the Wii U. This wouldn't come as a surprise seeing as how Ubisoft was satisfied with how their Wii U launch titles like Zombi U performed.

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Jadedz1983d ago

It's getting hot in hurr (don't worry, my clothes will remain on) xD!

AngelicIceDiamond1983d ago

Watch Dogs would be a much needed hardcore title for Wii U.

Hisiru1983d ago

I consider myself a Nintendo fan (yes, Nintendo brings my favourite titleS), but I am not happy with the third party support on Nintendo consoles since the N64 days. Nintendo needs to have a better relationship with third party developers and if Watch Dogs is indeed coming to the WiiU, then I am gonna be happy, but if it's not... well, I will just buy it for another console because the game looks sick.

cherbhy1983d ago

@Hisiru i feel the exact same way.. i've been reading about all these AAA titles coming for PS360 and want to play them BAD. Between Tomb Raider, Bioshock infinite, metal gear & etc. i'm just about ready to buy an 8-y-o console that will be outdated in a half year's time (i generally only buy nint. consoles). Nintendo needs to start investing in their future by partnering with more third party studios RIGHT NOW because in the future i doubt the wii u hardware will be capable of supporting the kind of games that the ps4 and 720 will be able to support.

i have faith that the wii u will inevitably offer "must-have" software, that a price drop will facilitate sales, and that the OS will improve. But will all that be enough to compete with the visually stunning titles and larger game libraries that next gen consoles will have two years from now?

JaredH1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )


Was the Wii the only console you had this past generation or do you play PC games too?

I'm legitimately curious because I've never met anyone who just had a Wii and were into games enough to go on message boards and such.

Neonridr1983d ago

Watch Dogs on the Wii U would be amazing. With all the "hacking" and tech using in that game, the gamepad would act as a natural device for it.

I hope that this rumour is true, I would much rather own it on my Wii U than my 360..

Kevlar0091983d ago

This is the kind of game you make for the WiiU. Your phone becomes the gamepad, manage systems, streets, and your map. You could even add a Co-op aspect where one person ues the pro controller for shooting and movement while another is using the gamepad for you, like you're working with someone else to call the shots (the whole asymmetrical gameplay theme Nintendo has)

The WiiU certainly feels like the more dominant version (unless there are things we don't know about)

blastcorp641982d ago

Great points. The gamepad's potential has yet to be fully realized. Despite the current drought of games but just thinking about the future use of the gamepad has me excited.

PopRocks3591983d ago

Same here. I think it would certainly be a welcome addition. I hope this rumor is true as well, and it's not entirely farfetched to believe it. Ubisoft already pledged further support for the Wii U despite the Rayman Legends fiasco.

dubberman1983d ago

When i first saw the gameplay reveal and the hacking mechanic i instantly thought it would be a WiiU title, if not the 'definitive' version. This rumour keeps that hope alive.

stuntman_mike1983d ago

the way they described watch dogs and the integration of a second screen it seems it was made with WiiU controller in mind.

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BlackWolf1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Ummm.... interesting... A nice addition to the console if true.

Rockefellow1983d ago

Ubisoft was satisfied with how their launch titles performed, yet they delayed a finished game because they' weren't satisfied with how the console was performing.


ArmGunar1983d ago

That's already a debut but I think that only Ubisoft will support the Wii U ...

Activision, their games can release on Wii U but 95% of people would buy on PS3/360 (and later on PS4/Xbox 3)

And EA/Square won't support
(cf Battlefield, Tomb Raider, etc ...)

Starfox171982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

NFS just got previewed on wiiu its a NEXGEN NFS game end of pc graphics and some new modes.

Can i remind you that pc version is dx11 so i'm happy with wiiu graphics.

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