UGO: Viking: Battle for Asgard hands-on preview

What's better than a viking? How 'bout a whole crapload of vikings! Creative Assembly, developers behind the Total War series of strategy games, are bringing their knowledge of massive battles and adding a action-based mythological twist. Instead of controlling a horde of thousands of soldiers at once, Viking: Battle for Asgard places you in the shoes of just one.

Preview by Russell Frushtick.

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Bazookajoe_833881d ago

Thor the mighty thor the brave He will be sending you all to youre graves ;-)

Bolts3881d ago

Lame. This is nothing more than a western version of the Dynasty Warriors.

FCOLitsjustagame3881d ago

Whether this game will be any good is still up in the air, however.
I am looking to Too Human for my Norse fix, but if I can get two great games on the subject then I will be double double happy.