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Submitted by cameronpark 1091d ago | video

Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises

We love these games, but it's time to face the facts as we count down the Top 10 Overrated Video Game franchises. Just a warning: We actually acknowledge that most, if not all these games, are actually really good. But screw being nice, it's time to hurt some feelings. (3DS, Android, Arcade, Casual games, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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black911  +   1091d ago
#2 should be #1.
HammadTheBeast  +   1090d ago
If #2 is Call of Duty, then yes.
gintoki777  +   1090d ago
watch mojo .com is overrated....
NastyLeftHook0  +   1091d ago
borderlands and bioshock and halo and gears of war. just my honest opinion.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1091d ago
i love borderlands and halo but i can def see where their short cummings are. id give them 8's but still recommend them to everyone. gears is hit or miss for me, i didnt like the sp in any but #2 and i think the mp is lame other than horde mode. i didnt give bioshock enough of a fair chance to properly judge it.

im also going to get ripped a new one for this but id throw in uncharted and god of war as well. once again, very good games that i buy, i play, and i recommend to anyone but they are not the 10s everyone claims. 8s as well

and before everyone thinks im a hater, these are my high marks

dragon age origins 10
dark souls 9 - needs a better story
demon souls 9 - needs a better story
armored core 5 9 - needs a better story, stronger community
mass effect 1 9 - other planets were vacant
mass effect 3 9 - too linear, ending could have been better, little more depth
ninja gaiden 2 9 - needs a better story, camera
oblivion 9 - needs better story
the witcher 2 - 10
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Donnieboi  +   1091d ago
I LOVE A GREAT STORY, but who cares about a story in Dark Souls? It's a game about hell, seclusion, and despair. The illusion would be killed if you could strike up conversations with hundreds of other people/npc's. The story is fine for what it is.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1091d ago
i disagree. i think a better story would be just fine, obviously it didnt take much away from it for me as i still rated it a 9 but it certainly couldnt hurt it

also it doesnt need hundreds of nps, hell it didnt need any more than it had. it just needs a few more cut scenes to illustrate what your doing there and what your trying to accomplish.
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Kurt Russell  +   1090d ago
Halo is a bit overated now. But it was great in its day.

Gears 3 is one of my favourite MP's, a lot more competitive with a harder learning curve than most, giving a larger skill gap between new players and experienced (which is how I like it).

Bioshock is hands down my favourite experience this gen. It makes most game seem shallow and souless it's so good.

And borderlands, I didn't like the 1st... But the 2nd I really enjoyed.

Long story short... I disagree.
plaZeHD  +   1091d ago
Bioshock? The rest I can understand, but c'mon Bioshock?
Norrison  +   1091d ago
Borderlands and Bioshock seem overrated to you?
COD, GTA IV, Halo, God of War 3, Gears, Minecraft, Assasins creed (2 and brotherhood are an exception)
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Conzul  +   1091d ago
It is impossible for Bioshock to get overrated.
Cam977  +   1091d ago



TC was terrible and a mockery to what COJ was.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1091d ago
call of juarez bound in blood was fantastic. the cartel sucked.

yeah black tar, the cartel was poorly made and everything looked like they made it in 6 months.
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BlackTar187  +   1091d ago
bound in blood was a fun game good call. Cartel was so bad but i enjoyed the west and thought it was a good brother take.
Series_IIa  +   1091d ago
Halo and Uncharted.

First Uncharted was alright, second was awesome best in the series, 3rd just tried to hard to have the feel of the 2nd and failed and MP was boring compared to Uncharted 2's until they nerf patched everything that is.

I just find Halo boring, but enjoyed Halo Reach on co-op... That's about it.
pain777pas  +   1091d ago
Uncharted is the most entertaining series of games I have played in a long time. I AM OVERALL ENTERTAINED with Uncharted all the time. There are only like 5 games I can say that about and it is hard to list. But, I know Uncharted is one of the best series ever devised and made FOR SURE.
stage88  +   1090d ago
Uncharted is definitely not overrated but I agree Halo is completely overrated. Gets boring and too repetitive very easily.
j-blaze  +   1091d ago
MGS, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy?? NO

i think the most overrated franchise are Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, CoD, GTA and every NT game

again, that's my opinion
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pain777pas  +   1091d ago
God of War is like the perfect hack and slash game because of the fixed camera angles and story. Uncharted is the most entertaining series in gaming right now that you will finish the game maybe in a few days after buying it. Killzone is overated in story but not in gameplay where it shines. COD absolutely and GTA is one of the most important and revolutionary series in gaming. Overated I think not.
TekoIie  +   1091d ago
Killzone is overrated in story but its SP does generally get a lot less credit than it deserves.

Compare KZ2s campaign to 3s and you can clearly see they up'd the quality in KZ3.
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superterabyte  +   1091d ago
With the possibility of sounding harsh you have anime as your avatar.(Just saying) Also how can you suggest uncharted,killzone and god of war are overrated? First off killzone is underrated really underrated. Uncharted deserves the praise although I personally did not enjoy the multiplayer of uncharted 3 one bit. and god of war is not my sort of game although I have played the game and it definitely isn't overrated.

MGS good game yes overrated yes. kingdom hearts,final fantasy emo fest.
DigitalRaptor  +   1088d ago
Dude, he's basically bitter that PS3 fanboys hype up these games. He can't deal with the fact that people don't prefer the same Japanese developed games as him and he thinks that developers using outdated design choices and shallow character designs are the dog's bollocks.

Killzone is underrated as a series, but perhaps overhyped by fans. Not that many people know about it in the real world, when it in fact has some amazing gameplay. The story could be a lot better, but the actual background story on is deep and incredible. The games don't make use of that nearly enough.

Uncharted... he hates Naughty Dog - simple as.

With God of War, he's bitter that a Western developer has made an incredible hack and slash series that stands next to the Japanese ones that came before it. God of War is better than the its peers in story, animation, lore, music, graphics, maturity, and the gameplay is better than most hack and slash games. He just can't handle its popularity as a western game.

"Every Ninja Theory game" - Yep, Heavenly Sword is overrated at 79% on Metacritic, and Enslaved is overrated at 82%.

GTA is the pinnacle of open world game design which embraces an amazing array of cultures (most predominantly the urban America) and stupendous attention to detail. Most of all it's ridiculously fun, as well as a focused story-based game with great and original characters with interesting stories.

This guy is simply blind to the excellence outside of Japan.
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broken_back-man   1090d ago | Personal attack | show
KING85  +   1091d ago
To each his own, but I would have to disagree with MGS. MGS3 Snake Eater is regarded by many as the best in the series. To say MGS could not recapture the allure of the original I guess is quite subjective. I guess that's the differences of opinions. Mine nor others should be taken as fact.
sitharrefus  +   1091d ago
Call of duty and halo are way overrated, some game like Kingdom hearts should not be in the list, MGS, Elder scrolls etc. fyi imop
superterabyte  +   1091d ago
Elder scrolls inclusion was a joke. and all the games you listed except elder scrolls deserve to be there.
MestreRothN4G  +   1091d ago
AC. Casual borefest.
Gears. Douche shooter.
Halo. Kids shooter.

And about CoD: TC fails to see that it is all about MP, not SP.
Donnieboi  +   1091d ago
Yeah but the MP is the worst since it never evolves. It de-evolves.
MestreRothN4G  +   1090d ago
I partially agree.

While I don't think the MP COD is the worst of anything (actually, it is one of the top MP games ever if you can play it or don't mind having people clearly better than you around), I do agree that it is devolving quickly.

Usually people point the top towards CoD4. I believe it is CoD6 and actually still play it sometimes.
superterabyte  +   1091d ago
AC 2 was amazing and brotherhood and revelations were really good games they just felt like the same game and AC 3 don't get me started lol why they choose the setting they did is beyond me I mean imagine some of the places they could have used like ancient Egypt but they went with a time that would sell to you know who.
MestreRothN4G  +   1090d ago
So true.

AC3 is the worst in the trilogy, IMO. And yes, we know which intelligent crowd from which ___ country they destroyed the franchise to.
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Kos-Mos  +   1091d ago
gears, cod, gow, halo, me, killzone, gta.
momthemeatloaf  +   1091d ago
Gears (Repetitive and too over the top)
CoD (post world war 2 cod has been average just different)
Uncharted (looks nice but feels like a movie not a game)
Killzone (Never kept me interested)
Super smash bros (stupid game)
Donnieboi  +   1091d ago
Dude I could have almost agreed, until u mentioned Smash Bros. And I don't even like Nintendo, but you must have not spent much time with that game if u think it's overrated. Smash Bros is awesome!
FlyingFoxy  +   1091d ago
Smash Bros is definitely overrated, i rented the 64 game and honestly didn't like it, bought the Wii version.. barely played it, it gets boring extremely fast. They should bring back games like Streets Of Rage, at least they are nowhere near as repetitive.

Needless to say Mario party 1 on the 64 was much more fun.
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fsfsxii  +   1091d ago
I think it bores you because you play it alone, it gets boring that way
StrongMan  +   1091d ago
Minecrafft(just a level editor)
Halo(terribly outdated)
Gears of War(shoot, duck, shoot, duck)
Mikefizzled  +   1091d ago
Minecraft - An endless platform of creation
Halo 4 - Feels like a new game altogether
None of the gears games have a duck mechanic? They do cover but doesn't EVERY OTHER THIRD PERSON GAME?

I would take you seriously but you have the playstation plus logo...
plaZeHD  +   1091d ago
Don't try to make a case for Halo 4.
Halo 4 IS overrated. When I saw it at E3, I thought it was average at best, but people over-hyped the game, and I thought this might be the first Halo game I will enjoy, but it didn't exceeded any of my expectation.
The game is incredibly short, the story is good, but not the greatest story ever told, game-play is very repetitive, character are not that interesting, it's overall average at best, nothing amazing, but I really enjoy the Spartan Ops Episodes so fun to watch and play.
007Bond  +   1091d ago
LOL you just mention xbox games with a PS avatar

3.Gears of war
4.God of war
7.ass creed
Whxian  +   1091d ago
"final fantasy"
there is nothing wrong with turnbased rpgs, and im sure rpg fans arent "forced to play them" while wanting something else like an action game... i'd rather they keep the turn-based play and infact one of their mistakes is trying to get away from the turnbased gameplay, that's atleast one reason for why they are failing.

and the series didnt really reach it's peak @ 7. 8, 9 and 10 were great games too.
#12 (Edited 1091d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
plaZeHD  +   1091d ago
Agreed with the list.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1091d ago
The comments on this board show such a list is completely subjective. Best way to find out if you like a game and subsequent franchise is to play it.

However, for me one of the most over hyped games would have to be Rage. Good looking, no real story and one of the worst end game cut scenes since KZ3.
Loki86  +   1091d ago
Most overrated in no order (Top 8):

Call of Duty
Gears of War
Final Fantasy (Anything after IX)
Grand Theft Auto
Dragon Age
FlyingFoxy  +   1091d ago
Halo is extremely overrated. The great GTA's were San Andreas, Vice City, Vice City Stories.

San Andreas was most fun, 3 was boring as shit.. IV was dull and boring.

Glad half life isn't listed, that would be a major fail.

PC Ftw.
Blacklash93  +   1091d ago
I don't like the way people usually use the term overrated. Overrated only means you disagree with the majority or cult following of whatever franchise in question. Whatever one thinks overall of a videogame is entirely opinion.

A lot of the time it seems like people are trying to say "These people subjectively think it's good, but it's objectively bad. FACT." Maybe some don't mean it that way, but the wording and tone make it sound so.
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EverydayGuy  +   1091d ago
Their List:
#10- Fable
#9- Angry Birds
#8- Kingdom Hearts
#7 Metal Gear Solid
#6- Grand Theft Auto
#5- Sonic: The Hedgehog
#4- Final Fantasy
#3- Assassins Creed
#2- Halo
#1- Call of Duty
stage88  +   1090d ago
Should have put Forza on that list as well.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1091d ago
Honestly COD is the most overrated game series Ive ever seen.
Eyeco  +   1091d ago
His reasons for including MGS and GTA are absolute ignorant BS
i8urCAKE  +   1091d ago
R* never disappoints
i8urCAKE  +   1091d ago
And a game like GTA V (5 years in the making) won't just be a "graphical update"
MysticStrummer  +   1091d ago
I didn't even look at the "real" list. I just looked at the comments section to see everyone tell everyone else that their opinion is wrong. I'm guilty of it too though, since I've been posting on most of the Aliens: Colonial Marines articles, saying how wrong I think the really low reviews are. Review scores should be abolished. I think I may avoid all scores from now on and just read what the reviewer thought about the game. Words > Numbers, though some game reviews are way off that way too. Can't win I guess.
Pintheshadows  +   1091d ago
Is it strange to say I don't find any games overrated as I completely ignore everyone elses views on them apart from mine. I sit, I play it, I make my own judgement, and then I move on.
VR-4nic  +   1091d ago
Halo is by far the most over hyped game and is nothing like most the commercials for it. For a modern day FPS its crazy to me that you can't even properly aim down your sights with the vast majority of the guns in this game. Not only that the single player just bores me to death!
Septic  +   1090d ago
You clearly don't understand Halo at all and aiming down the guns? Please, stick to Call of Duty for that.
VR-4nic  +   1088d ago
LOL! With pleasure I will! Though, I will still give Bungie's new IP destiny a try later this year, now that its been officially confirmed to not be a timed exclusive for the 360 and coming to both PS3 and 360.

Destiny looks good and we will actually see if Bungie believes the same thing I do and changes their aiming system. I mean I have to move my hold body aiming Halo to aim. I real life and 99% of modern day FPS I can move just my arms if I want and my body to aim. halo SUCKS!
DigitalSmoke  +   1090d ago
See how everybody and their own personal little list, nobody is able to state a list that shows off reasonable knowladge.
oIITSBIIo  +   1090d ago
Most of the high score games are Overrated : GTA - COD - UNCHARTED - HALO - BIOSHOCK - ELDER SCROLLS - MGS - CS ... etc
BlaqMagiq24  +   1090d ago
Call of Duty games after CoD 4
Halo 4
DmC Devil May Cry
kevnb  +   1090d ago
honestly these lists amount to games other people love that I don't. Sometimes its because certain games were just marketed much better than others that causes these feelings. For example, final fantasy 7 is not the greatest console rpg ever made...
goldwyncq  +   1090d ago
The word "Overrated" is overrated. Its meaning has been reduced to "something popular which an individual doesn't like". In that case, everything in existence is overrated, just depends on who you ask.
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