Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises

We love these games, but it's time to face the facts as we count down the Top 10 Overrated Video Game franchises. Just a warning: We actually acknowledge that most, if not all these games, are actually really good. But screw being nice, it's time to hurt some feelings.

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HammadTheBeast1896d ago

If #2 is Call of Duty, then yes.

gintoki7771896d ago

watch mojo .com is overrated....

NastyLeftHook01897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

borderlands and bioshock and halo and gears of war. just my honest opinion.

Captain Qwark 91897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

i love borderlands and halo but i can def see where their short cummings are. id give them 8's but still recommend them to everyone. gears is hit or miss for me, i didnt like the sp in any but #2 and i think the mp is lame other than horde mode. i didnt give bioshock enough of a fair chance to properly judge it.

im also going to get ripped a new one for this but id throw in uncharted and god of war as well. once again, very good games that i buy, i play, and i recommend to anyone but they are not the 10s everyone claims. 8s as well

and before everyone thinks im a hater, these are my high marks

dragon age origins 10
dark souls 9 - needs a better story
demon souls 9 - needs a better story
armored core 5 9 - needs a better story, stronger community
mass effect 1 9 - other planets were vacant
mass effect 3 9 - too linear, ending could have been better, little more depth
ninja gaiden 2 9 - needs a better story, camera
oblivion 9 - needs better story
the witcher 2 - 10

Donnieboi1897d ago

I LOVE A GREAT STORY, but who cares about a story in Dark Souls? It's a game about hell, seclusion, and despair. The illusion would be killed if you could strike up conversations with hundreds of other people/npc's. The story is fine for what it is.

Captain Qwark 91897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

i disagree. i think a better story would be just fine, obviously it didnt take much away from it for me as i still rated it a 9 but it certainly couldnt hurt it

also it doesnt need hundreds of nps, hell it didnt need any more than it had. it just needs a few more cut scenes to illustrate what your doing there and what your trying to accomplish.

Kurt Russell1896d ago

Halo is a bit overated now. But it was great in its day.

Gears 3 is one of my favourite MP's, a lot more competitive with a harder learning curve than most, giving a larger skill gap between new players and experienced (which is how I like it).

Bioshock is hands down my favourite experience this gen. It makes most game seem shallow and souless it's so good.

And borderlands, I didn't like the 1st... But the 2nd I really enjoyed.

Long story short... I disagree.

plaZeHD1897d ago

Bioshock? The rest I can understand, but c'mon Bioshock?

Norrison1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Borderlands and Bioshock seem overrated to you?
COD, GTA IV, Halo, God of War 3, Gears, Minecraft, Assasins creed (2 and brotherhood are an exception)

Conzul1896d ago

It is impossible for Bioshock to get overrated.

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Cam9771897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )




TC was terrible and a mockery to what COJ was.

NastyLeftHook01897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

call of juarez bound in blood was fantastic. the cartel sucked.

yeah black tar, the cartel was poorly made and everything looked like they made it in 6 months.

BlackTar1871897d ago

bound in blood was a fun game good call. Cartel was so bad but i enjoyed the west and thought it was a good brother take.

Series_IIa1897d ago

Halo and Uncharted.

First Uncharted was alright, second was awesome best in the series, 3rd just tried to hard to have the feel of the 2nd and failed and MP was boring compared to Uncharted 2's until they nerf patched everything that is.

I just find Halo boring, but enjoyed Halo Reach on co-op... That's about it.

pain777pas1897d ago

Uncharted is the most entertaining series of games I have played in a long time. I AM OVERALL ENTERTAINED with Uncharted all the time. There are only like 5 games I can say that about and it is hard to list. But, I know Uncharted is one of the best series ever devised and made FOR SURE.

stage881896d ago

Uncharted is definitely not overrated but I agree Halo is completely overrated. Gets boring and too repetitive very easily.

j-blaze1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

MGS, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy?? NO

i think the most overrated franchise are Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, CoD, GTA and every NT game

again, that's my opinion

pain777pas1897d ago

God of War is like the perfect hack and slash game because of the fixed camera angles and story. Uncharted is the most entertaining series in gaming right now that you will finish the game maybe in a few days after buying it. Killzone is overated in story but not in gameplay where it shines. COD absolutely and GTA is one of the most important and revolutionary series in gaming. Overated I think not.

TekoIie1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Killzone is overrated in story but its SP does generally get a lot less credit than it deserves.

Compare KZ2s campaign to 3s and you can clearly see they up'd the quality in KZ3.

superterabyte1896d ago

With the possibility of sounding harsh you have anime as your avatar.(Just saying) Also how can you suggest uncharted,killzone and god of war are overrated? First off killzone is underrated really underrated. Uncharted deserves the praise although I personally did not enjoy the multiplayer of uncharted 3 one bit. and god of war is not my sort of game although I have played the game and it definitely isn't overrated.

MGS good game yes overrated yes. kingdom hearts,final fantasy emo fest.

DigitalRaptor1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Dude, he's basically bitter that PS3 fanboys hype up these games. He can't deal with the fact that people don't prefer the same Japanese developed games as him and he thinks that developers using outdated design choices and shallow character designs are the dog's bollocks.

Killzone is underrated as a series, but perhaps overhyped by fans. Not that many people know about it in the real world, when it in fact has some amazing gameplay. The story could be a lot better, but the actual background story on is deep and incredible. The games don't make use of that nearly enough.

Uncharted... he hates Naughty Dog - simple as.

With God of War, he's bitter that a Western developer has made an incredible hack and slash series that stands next to the Japanese ones that came before it. God of War is better than the its peers in story, animation, lore, music, graphics, maturity, and the gameplay is better than most hack and slash games. He just can't handle its popularity as a western game.

"Every Ninja Theory game" - Yep, Heavenly Sword is overrated at 79% on Metacritic, and Enslaved is overrated at 82%.

GTA is the pinnacle of open world game design which embraces an amazing array of cultures (most predominantly the urban America) and stupendous attention to detail. Most of all it's ridiculously fun, as well as a focused story-based game with great and original characters with interesting stories.

This guy is simply blind to the excellence outside of Japan.

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