Battlefield 3 PC Players Unable To Connect to Ranked Servers, Temporary Fix Released

Gameranx: "Punkbuster servers are offline, causing players to disconnect from ranked BF3 servers on the PC."

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Detoxx2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I hope it gets fixed fast for the PC players, it's a great game

RedDeadLB2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

To quote DICE: "PC: We have resolved the issue affecting connectivity for PC users, and thank you for your patience. " These news comes late.

urwifeminder2012d ago

Needs rank restricted servers i cant be botherd playing max rank guys when the guns they have are overpowerd compared to my packet of gravel.

Skate-AK2012d ago

Level means nothing in BF3. There was a glitch way back when it came out where you could damage your own EOD bot and repair it to get points. People super leveled for a couple weeks. It was stupid.

SJPFTW2011d ago

LOL rank doesn't matter, the best guns are ones that you unlock early anyways or get them through easy achievements. M416, AEK, M16A3, ACR etc etc