Aliens: Colonial Marines Demo Allegedly Lied To Customers

In one of the biggest surprises in the last few days, the recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines is receiving almost universally negative reviews across all major websites. It is practically unheard of for a AAA title to receive such universally bad press upon release with all but a handful of reviews displaying either middling or extremely negative scores. What is more surprising however is the apparent duplicity in early promotions, and the stark contrast in actual content.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1923d ago

This game was just a mess on release and didnt work for a whole day on pc.

AngelicIceDiamond1922d ago

Can we just forget about this game? Its bad and another forgotten title. Nobody will be talking about it anymore come next month. With Bioshock, GoW, GOW and Tombraider getting released.

LAWSON721922d ago

GOW and GoW, why not say GeOW or something.

Ashunderfire861923d ago

They sure did after looking back at the first video walkthrough for this game.

Even the rain was more detailed than the rain in the final release, and that is a lot to say.

Now they want to sell us 4 DLC packs? Well they ain't getting a dime from me.

Ghoul1923d ago

actually i want my money back,

i fell tricked
the demo was miles above the final release and nowhere as good as to say it was prerendered

i based my preorder on this gameplay demo and now i feel totally tricked.....

Sandmano1923d ago

I hope youve learnt your lesson I was close to buying the game would have got really pissed if I did.

Ghoul1923d ago

md sorry but that reply was useless......

i preorder games when i trust the devs
wich i dont do in gearbox anymore.

this is a scam

a gameplay demo represents the softwarein its current state, its not a target render or a cg video. the final version HAS to match the gameplaydemo or exceed it.

this is called false advertising of false product quality.

how would you feel seeing a smartphone made out of high qulaity components and once it arrives its made completly out of cheap plastic.......

its a GAMEPLAY video.

Irishguy951923d ago

At the time the Demo was wasn't a lie. After it the game was rebuilt and the demo became redundant.
Gearbox have to set their ****ing priorities

ironfist921923d ago

Borderlands 2 was their priority over Aliens, and imo, its the better trade-off.

Still disappointed with this, and I have sympathy for those who pre-ordered this crap.

This should be considered false advertising, nothing less to what happened with WarZ

OneAboveAll1923d ago

The Aliens vs Predator game that came out was better than this shit.

Sandmano1923d ago

Exactly and it wasnt even focused on the Marines!

Kevlar0091923d ago

The game went from "high" PC settings to low settings, it just doesn't look like a close to maximized current gen title, especially given its reputation (the demo looked amazing). The added textures, lighting, and shaders looked to have gotten stripped from final release, like they made the demo then realized they didn't have the funding to continue it a decided to keep the lower quality consistent throughout

Unless there is something I'm missing, there seems to have been a conscious downgrade

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The story is too old to be commented.