Interview: Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore on the cultural acceptance of games

PC Gamer - Wreck-It Ralph is Disney’s animated CG film about the secret lives of videogame characters. Like Toy Story, it explores what our playthings do when we’re not around: in this case, travel down the power cables of their arcade cabinets to meet up and visit each other’s games.

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GribbleGrunger1979d ago

After Pixar got Walt Disneyfied, their films went down hill ... and this is the worse so far. In fact it's bloody awful.

raymantalk11979d ago

Really ? perhaps you forgot that there first movie Toy Story and the subsequent sequels plus Wall-E and Up and all there movies were commissioned by Disney and just made by Pixar also john lassater the founder of pixar and all of there movies runs the show, so when did they get disneyfied oh and by the way i loved wreck it ralph and everyone i know also loves it must just be you.

GribbleGrunger1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Yes, I know that but I also knew it wouldn't be long before the pink fluffiness of Walt Disney's world smoothed their pallet and exaggerated their animation style. They drew on nostalgia for depth but played squarely to three year olds with the content.

raymantalk11978d ago

thanx for the underhanded insult gribble you come over as an old jaded critic who has forgotten what its like to just enjoy things for what they are and thats Entertainment.

pixars movies have not changed at all they have Always been aimed at a family audience they contain enough Entertainment value to satisfy young and old alike.

and like i have already said everyone i know loved this mpvie.