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The PS4 Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Next-Gen Kinect

Over the years major companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been bending over backwards to get gamers attention. Nintnedo displayed their Wii console with the gimmick of all gimmicks, mothion controls. It wasn’t long until both Microsoft and Sony caught wind of Nintendo’s gravy trail and they produced the Kinect and Move. The only one of these so call gimmicks that really ended up standing out was Xbox 360’s Kinect. While the Wii was based solely off of getting players to swing their arm around the room, the PS Move was basically the same thing just with a camera facing the players. While all of these things can be considered a fail in the mind of a hardcore gamer the least thing that gamers want to hear while the rumors of the next-gen console battle emerges is more about Kinect like features. (PS4, Xbox One)

TheSuperior  +   834d ago
I dont care if they are looking at my eye, body, finger or toe; i still wouldnt by a next-gen console if their main focus was motion game play.
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killcycle  +   834d ago
Personally i would like to see a new Playstation Eye with better camera quality.

not only would this be cool but it will help the Playstation Move be more accurate because it would be able to track it better.

Apart from that i don't care, i don't want junky hardware. I would like continued support for the Move to be used in newer FPS & TPS games though.

Playing Killzone 3 online with the Move is sick.
Dylila  +   834d ago
a more accurate ps eye camera with the ability to see in very low light conditions in hd would be amazing. the ps eye is not a cheap gimmick that was forced in games where it wasnt needed. the ps move is a 1:1 motion device which is very accurate and doesnt fail and is as reliable in motion as a ds3 buttons being pressed.

the kinect device is very delayed and often inaccurate and wiimote requires wiimotion plus for better response but still isnt as good and accurate like ps move
b163o1  +   833d ago
The fact that the NextBox has kinect built in, and will be watching you whenever it's on is a bit frightening IMO. Who knows who's on the other side spying on you, watching you and seeing what you do went ever you feel alone. I'll pass, at lease with the PS I'll have the opinion……of getting spied on lol
showtimefolks  +   834d ago
no it doesn't, what ps4 needs is what ps3 delivered in last 3-5 years and thats awesome software support.

give us games
give us more games
improve PSN store front
add cross game chat
games can do 60FPS with full 1080P

buy ready at dawn studios
by QD after beyond 2 souls
buy the studio that worked on SLY4

after Fuse insomniac will come back to sony, not wishing that Fuse fails but the more they show the game the less interested i become. Insomniac make quality games and i hope Fuse turns out to be amazing. but it doesn't look that way now. so if Fuse fails could this be the turning point for insomniac and they give into sony's wishes to buy them?

you can give a system all the multi-media features but what matters most are games, and that's where i believe MS has failed us most since the launch of kinect. Before than they were releasing quality titles but after they saw how well wii did with casual gamers in a way they totally forgot about their core fanbase. but now they will make those claims again of how they are for gamers
joab777  +   834d ago
Great post...now i dont have to say much. I think they can go a much different way. They need to create a psn app that allows u to access alot mobile wise. Incentivize creators to make apps for games that give in game rewards. Buy a company that will make games for mobile devices. Also, u can launch an knline magazine this way etc. Get ahead of the curve. U have gaikai, use it. Also, create ur own steam, sell 1st party titles digitally for less with different pre order bonuses. U r on a roll siny, di not lose momentum. U have proven that games come 1ST. Keep it up.
Psn800  +   833d ago
Agreed !" I bought the first ever Xbox I loved it it was for hardcore-gamers , then I bought the Xbox 360 it was good and paid the £40 a year then I discovered the Ps3 and though hey they don't charge to play online and it's just has good so I'm only paying for cross-game chat .
After that I didn't pay for Xbox live gold anymore it is a rip off plain and simple , and though I still bought exclusives i noticed all these stupid apps I don't need all these apps and with the release of kinect which by the way is rubbish .
What I'm getting at I never thought when buying my first ever Xbox it would turn into a causal gamers console , though I still got all three last gen consoles I never use my Xbox I much prefer the Ps3 .
SheaHoff  +   834d ago
I guess it all depends on the types of games you enjoy. Personally, I don't play enough motion games to consider it a factor in purchasing a "next-gen" console.
akaakaaka  +   834d ago
hey ;)
Reportillo4  +   833d ago
spit some game psn_arakouftaian
GribbleGrunger  +   834d ago
But Sony won't be competing with Kinect. On the PS2 they had Eyetoy. On the PS3 they had PSEye. And on the PS4 they will have PSEye2 ... Anyone spot a pattern or has the mist completely clouded the past for you? Of course the difference is that Microsoft are a software company and so bought in the tech, whilst Sony is a hardware company and build their own ... but still that mist persists ... A vague recollection of a 'vision camera' that was a copy of the Eyetoy ... but alas the image fades ... Would MS copy Sony's camera again? 'Noooo...' a voice echoes from the void, 'You can play games without a controller on this tech. It's not a copy.'

... and fade back to reality.
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nukeitall  +   833d ago
Competition has nothing to do with with who came up with what first?

It's not a first games, nor a copy game. It is who can eat my lunch, and Sony very much competes with Kinect.

The fact that Sony "might" have it prior (ignoring webcams do not exist on PC way prior), just illustrates Sony's weakness. Unable to be innovative and see the value in the technology to consumers.

So, it is pointless to start discussing who copies who (like PSN copying XBL), because everybody does it, and it would be idiotic not too.

"'You can play games without a controller on this tech. It's not a copy.'"

That said, even before Sony there was Sega with similar technology with the Sega Activator trying to do the same thing ( http://www.giantbomb.com/se... ). Reality is consumers want this, and MS delivered where nobody else did. Sony is likely to copy this success after thinking it would be a $150 failure further illustrates my point.

Sony has been unable to innovate this generation, and has been running on their brand name. The Playstation 2 monopoly saved them, not the PS3. It was the disaster.

However, I think Sony might be more prepared this time with the PS4 and hopefully learned a few good lessons by integrating that camera.
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zebramocha  +   833d ago
Sony wasn't in the gaming space when sega launched the activator and the dream eye was not meant for games when it was unveiled,your entire post doesn't make sense.
GalacticEmpire  +   834d ago
"The PS4 Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Next-Gen Kinect"

The less it tries, the better it will be.
The_Infected  +   834d ago
The PS4 don't need to compete with crap in the first place!
NastyLeftHook0  +   834d ago
VforVideogames  +   834d ago
they being doin it for the last 7 years
THESHAUNZY  +   834d ago
I wish game companies would focus on gaming and not gimmicky bullsssshiiii
Soldierone  +   834d ago
It doesn't. I have plenty of Move games, but the fact is at the end of the day I want to sit down and play a game. Not sit in an upright position or stand waving my hands around. Move is awesome when you want to use it, but I don't want it to be mandatory for 9 out of 10 games....
Williamson  +   834d ago
I don't care if Sony continues on with the Ps eye and move as long as they don't focus on the casuals more then the core gamers.
Bathyj  +   834d ago
...in fact, please dont.

We need one console still focusing on the gamers.

MS hasnt concentrated on Gamers for years.
Theyre pretty much just treading water until XB3 so they can drop the 360 altogether.
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VforVideogames  +   834d ago
well that console will be the XBOXNEXT
smashcrashbash  +   834d ago
Okay first of all since when has Sony ever favored gimmicks over gaming? Second of all Sony is upgrading THEIR camera, something that existed long before Kinect did.If Sony decides to upgrade the PSEYE is is theirs to upgrade.Sony had the camera motion idea on a console before Microsoft even decided to try their hand at it.And Sony never said anything about focusing on the EYE.The EYE is an accessory like anything else will be. I doubt very much they will advertise it as a new way to play and better then a controller like Microsoft said. I mean I am still waiting to see how Kinect is better then a controller. Even if you can use the EYE in games I am certain they won't make it mandatory.
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VforVideogames  +   834d ago
Have you tried the kinect? you are the controller.
Nicaragua  +   834d ago
I've tried Kinect and in no way did i feel like the controller.
Megaton  +   834d ago
Stop with the cameras, everybody. STOP IT!
WeAreLegion  +   834d ago
I would love to see Move support continue with the PS4. Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't push it on developers...but give them the option. Also, make sure there are some great developers working with Move. I loved Wonderbook! I can't wait to see more titles for it! :)
arbitor365  +   834d ago
it sort of worries me that the PS4 is rumored to do more with the cameras or even come packaged with them. this motion control fad is over, people. and the tablet gamepad fad was dead before it even started. just focus on making good, hardcore games
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clintagious650  +   834d ago
I find it funny that these articles even mention sony in this like they have been LACKING in new IP's because of the PSEye.
1. Sony has been doing this since the PS2 era with the Eyetoy. They didnt just create the PSEye because they wanted to, they been there & done that. Yes they added the dildo to counter the wii controller but atleast it was more precise & accurate then the wiimote.
2. Even though sony has been supporting the PSEye & PS Move they did the most IMPORTANT thing we all have come to love about ALL PS CONSOLES & that is bringing us GAMES. They NEVER FORGOT about their CORE BASE that stuck with them.
This is why I will ALWAYS own the next playstation is for the simple FACT, sony ALWAYS "DELIVERS" what us gamers all care most about & thats NEW GAMES. FACT.
VonBraunschweigg  +   834d ago
True, I didn't buy Move and never felt I had to, the main focus was and still is core games, games for controllers. I sold my 360 last year because of the focus on Kinect, I've seen Gears by now.

Besides that, Move can still be used for hardcore games like online shooters, like MAG or KillZone. Some of my PSN friends say their game improved after first going through a learning period, they don't want to go back.
With Kinect it's not possible to play a shooter. They've tried to make it work, but it doesn't. It allows different types of control, some even fun but always casual, gimmickly, on-rails stuff. Perhaps nice for the girlfriend of a hardcore gamer, but not the hardcore gamer himself. Or herself.
edonus  +   834d ago
This is some of that poison I talk about that is infecting the core market. This guy is basically telling you Its OK to not want advanced interaction. Its OK to keep everything the same, If you are a core gamer you cant enjoy motion control games and the sad thing is when you believe it.

A lot of you guys in the echo chamber dont understand the difference between a gimmick and a feature. Rumble was once a gimmick, so was playing CDs on your console or Online gaming, and digital downloads, movie playback, Linux on the Ps3 analog controls.

The thing is once something becomes successful enough to stand on its own it is no longer a gimmick. Motion control was set up with the Wii this gen and Kinect and MOVE and the sixaxis to a lesser extent solidified. They sold tens of million if not hundreds of millions of units. They have sold tons of software... basically motion control is no longer a gimmick it has proven itself and is now in the stage of perfecting it.

Comape motion gaming to true current gimmicks and you will see the difference. 3d gaming, ppl arent running out snatching up 3d tv for their consoles and their isnt any games that have gained success for being 3d so it is still in gimmick state.
Tablet controllers: The Wii U and technically the Vita are ambassadors of this and smartglass to a lesser extent. The Wiiu has sold millions of units but its still to cloudy to say whether it was for the Tablet controller or not. Also there hasnt been a game yet that has obtained success for being a tablet controller based game. Tablet controller have promise but as of now it is sill a gimmick. The illumniroom thing is pretty cool and could be revolutionary along with google glasses stuff but that stuff is currently gimmicks.

Akk I know is this Any next gen system that doesnt have a viable motion control option is severely lacking and will be hurt by it.
vega275  +   834d ago
Bubble up for trying

But your preaching to a bunch of closed minded people. In thier world everything has to stay the same because they fear change. Just like how pc gamer didnt want to accept controlers when playing FPS becauce keyboard and mouse was the norm

Just look at most of the comment about how they reject any company or just MS because they desided to explan their userbase by making games that cater to other gamers besides core. Its this elitists additute is why some devs have and publisher cant make games they want because it has to he the next CoD or fear of backlash from a userbase that doesnt feel like you cant join their club house unless you play core game or lash out at a company that wants to put out kid or family friendly games.

I remember when games was about having fun and enjoying yourself. Last gen this wasnt an issue because sony dominated two gens so they could get away with it because where would you get your games from if not with us. Now its I hate this company or this dev because they focus too much on kinect or ms decided to sell an accessory an support it. Instead of tthrowing money at games that might not sell.

But hey lets watch all these longtime developers close their doors, these publisher become scared to fund games or take chances on games. Because they have to make these hardcore games cause only their money should matter and no one else. Because they hate anything that my change the way they play games.
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VonBraunschweigg  +   834d ago
I have to disagree. The problem some people have with MS is simple, and imo justified: xBox started with a focus on hardcore, and is now shifting it's focus to casual. Now there's nothing wrong with expanding your userbase, but for me and a lot of people it feels more like replacing. Not enough new core games, and to much 'content' for casuals. Not a good balance between the two.

Sony introduced move, made games for it but never put the emphasis on it. Even this year, late in the cycle, they have 4 great exclusives lined up, all core games but no Move required, only the option should you want to.
vega275  +   833d ago
@ VonBraunschweigg
and i have to disagree with you. most people have a problem with MS just for entering the console game industry.period. and no it's not justified. MS never stopped supporting core games rather they be xbla,xbl games or releasing games like gears, alan wake, halo and more. because they havn't made that their main focus and decided to expand they catalog by making cuasal games was a better reason to hate them.

i have no problem with a company wanting more people to enjoy games. but it seem many do because as i said before it's the elitist club and only hardcore gamers are allowed.

MS hasn't replace you for casual gamers. they just haven't made you the main focus like people want them too. it's like the hardcore croud are upset because they aren't the center of attention because someone else is getting alittle love that have been getting for years. but don't want to share.

sony did put out the move but barely support it. the little library of games that are move only games are very small. everything is move as a added feature that you don't need since you already have a controller. if anything it was a total waste of time and money for sony. sony don't support it. how many commercial you seen for the move lately? huh? none. that's because people aren't buying them and sony can let it die out.

people are looking for more than a dedicated gaming console. which is what MS is doing and soon sony will too if they want to make money.
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green  +   834d ago
"Akk I know is this Any next gen system that doesn't have a viable motion control option is severely lacking and will be hurt by it. "

Spot on edonus. So called core gamers just want gaming to remain the way they are but what they don't understand is that if console makers don't innovate and i am not talking about processing power but innovate control schemes to increase player immersion, then the traditional video game industry will someday, slowly become irrelevant.

I rather see them try and fail than not try at all.
StrongMan  +   833d ago
But nobody is buying those Kinect games. Check the sales. What does that tell you?
edonus  +   833d ago
Tells me the poison has taken hold of your brain and you cant see or reason clearly.

Dance Central 1
Dance Central 2
Kinect Sports 1
Kinect Sports 2
Disneyland adv.
Star wars Kinect
Joy Ride
Over 18 million sold together, all of them over 1 mil by themselves

I didnt even add the Just Dance series.

Sonic free riders is at 800k closer to 900k

Keep in mind the low dev costs of kinect games and you see games like Rise of nightmares over 300k and ufc trainer and wipeout and gunstringer etc. moving between 300k to 600k is great when you consider they are for a peripheral that has not even 1/3 of the install base.

The only games that under perform (and not really considering the market) are those aimed at people that call themselves core gamers. Steel Battalion is a niche franchise, the original (that everyone claims to love and say kinect ruined) only sold 100k the new one with no mainstream promotion did more than half of the original. Fable The journey did 150k with no mainstream promo. Even if you right those games off the r&d they provide is worth millions more.

Its not just kinect that suffers from this poison, the best selling standalone Move game is Book of spells at 300k even Sorcery was overlooked and it was suppose to be the flagship Move title.

The true message to take away is that motion games aimed at core gamers are the ones that struggle while the ones aimed at regular and casual gamers tend to do pretty well especially for peripheral based games.
DiRtY  +   834d ago
The PS4 need something to attract casual gamers. If you think they don't, you are wrong.

I am glad they improve Kinect and I am a hardcore gamer. Heck, I even read gaming related novels for Halo and Gears of War. But guess what, my girlfriend did not. She prefers playing Dance Central or Kinect Sports when friends are over and so do I.

I don't think that supporting Kinect means not supporting core games. It is all about the balance. I actually want my console to give me the total package and a good mix of motion / casual games, core games and multimedia functionality and MS did this pretty well last gen.

I see a lot of PS fans claiming Sony did oh so well with their 1st party support, but reality is different. Look at the past year and the games they released. Twisted Metal, Starhawk, LBP Karting and PSABR was their retail lineup + Journey on PSN. Could you please tell me what was so great about that lineup. All retail games flopped. Big time.

Sony closed BigBig, Zipper and Liverpool already. They kicked the PSABR developers out, because the game flopped so badly. This studio is dead now. And Thatgamecompany did not extend the contract with Sony and will make games for XBLA from this point on. All this happened in the past 18 months.

MS on the other hand bought Twisted Pixel, opened Balck Tusk Studio, opened Lift London, opened MS LA Studios, opened MS Redmond, opened 343 industries, bought BigPark games and opened MS Victoria. They hired some of the best talent in this industry (Valve, Crytek, Naughty Dog, iD, EA Vancouver, Irrational Games, Sucker Punch etc)

Next gen won't be easier for Sony when it comes to core games. They need the casuals to sell their console. I am not saying they will focus only on casuals like Nintendo did with the Wii, but they need them along the core gamers.
VonBraunschweigg  +   834d ago
Yes, MS recently opened a studio at Santa Monica, California. 150 people are going to create "content for xBox Live Subscribers" according to an article here yesterday.

But if you think they will make games I'm afraid you will be disappointed. They will make content like interactive advertising where you can wave at commercials, wave correct and you'll get a discount on their next DLC for their next Kinect app, stuff like that.

We don't want that, we want games, and to hell with what our girfriends want. They can buy their own stuff.
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DiRtY  +   834d ago

So you think the 150 developers will do ads? Really?

And what are the producers of BioShock, the developers from Naughty Dog, and the lead desginer from Crysis 2 working on? Do you think they joined MS to create ads?
VonBraunschweigg  +   834d ago
I meant newsarticles like this

n4g.com/news/1172732/microsof t-has-150-people-in-santa-moni c a-creating-content-for-its-46- m illion-xbox-live-subscribers

It doesn't read games. The new xBox is all about media, apps, Kinect, services, content...subscription based. I would like to hear about the bigbudget triple A hardcore games they are working on, and the more I read about the casual stuff, the more I'm afraid the core stuff is getting left behind.

edit: I thought I posted the link. It's from yesterday, see the 720 section.
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MrBeatdown  +   834d ago
"I see a lot of PS fans claiming Sony did oh so well with their 1st party support, but reality is different."

Unfortunately for your argument, reality includes a packed 2011 line-up, and an already impressive 2013 line-up. Never mind what it will look like after February 20.

But you keep on pretending everyone else is wrong for realizing that.
NewZealander  +   834d ago
I will not play games with motion play, if Sony and Microsoft make games that rely on this then i won't buy either of there consoles, give me hard core game with a hand controller with next gen graphics and I'm happy. if they make you play with move and kinect then I'm out.
Jdoki  +   834d ago
Sony does not need to compete with Kinect - but they do need an upgraded PS Eye.

The resolution was too low on the current camera, and it didn't do so well in low light. This made playing stuff like The Eye of Judgement tricky at times.

I anticipate at least a bump to a single 720p camera, or maybe dual 720p cameras, and that it will retain the mic.
tigertron  +   834d ago
I think Sony got it spot on with the PS3, unlike Nintendo with the Wii. Move was mainly optional, hardly any of its games needed it, and this is where I think Nintendo went wrong. I just want a normal - conventional controller where I can sit and play and not wave my arm around.

Fortunately with Move, it was implemented well and I didn't have to use it if I didn't want to. I hope Kinect isn't a necessity for the next Xbox...
Tzuno  +   833d ago
oh but they will cuz' this is the human nature.
legend0f117  +   833d ago
Quality over quantity. That's where Microsoft has Sony beat.
nigelp520  +   831d ago

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