The PS4 Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Next-Gen Kinect

Over the years major companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been bending over backwards to get gamers attention. Nintnedo displayed their Wii console with the gimmick of all gimmicks, mothion controls. It wasn’t long until both Microsoft and Sony caught wind of Nintendo’s gravy trail and they produced the Kinect and Move. The only one of these so call gimmicks that really ended up standing out was Xbox 360’s Kinect. While the Wii was based solely off of getting players to swing their arm around the room, the PS Move was basically the same thing just with a camera facing the players. While all of these things can be considered a fail in the mind of a hardcore gamer the least thing that gamers want to hear while the rumors of the next-gen console battle emerges is more about Kinect like features.

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TheSuperior 1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I dont care if they are looking at my eye, body, finger or toe; i still wouldnt by a next-gen console if their main focus was motion game play.

killcycle1923d ago

Personally i would like to see a new Playstation Eye with better camera quality.

not only would this be cool but it will help the Playstation Move be more accurate because it would be able to track it better.

Apart from that i don't care, i don't want junky hardware. I would like continued support for the Move to be used in newer FPS & TPS games though.

Playing Killzone 3 online with the Move is sick.

Dylila1923d ago

a more accurate ps eye camera with the ability to see in very low light conditions in hd would be amazing. the ps eye is not a cheap gimmick that was forced in games where it wasnt needed. the ps move is a 1:1 motion device which is very accurate and doesnt fail and is as reliable in motion as a ds3 buttons being pressed.

the kinect device is very delayed and often inaccurate and wiimote requires wiimotion plus for better response but still isnt as good and accurate like ps move

b163o11922d ago

The fact that the NextBox has kinect built in, and will be watching you whenever it's on is a bit frightening IMO. Who knows who's on the other side spying on you, watching you and seeing what you do went ever you feel alone. I'll pass, at lease with the PS I'll have the opinion……of getting spied on lol

showtimefolks1923d ago

no it doesn't, what ps4 needs is what ps3 delivered in last 3-5 years and thats awesome software support.

give us games
give us more games
improve PSN store front
add cross game chat
games can do 60FPS with full 1080P

buy ready at dawn studios
by QD after beyond 2 souls
buy the studio that worked on SLY4

after Fuse insomniac will come back to sony, not wishing that Fuse fails but the more they show the game the less interested i become. Insomniac make quality games and i hope Fuse turns out to be amazing. but it doesn't look that way now. so if Fuse fails could this be the turning point for insomniac and they give into sony's wishes to buy them?

you can give a system all the multi-media features but what matters most are games, and that's where i believe MS has failed us most since the launch of kinect. Before than they were releasing quality titles but after they saw how well wii did with casual gamers in a way they totally forgot about their core fanbase. but now they will make those claims again of how they are for gamers

joab7771923d ago

Great i dont have to say much. I think they can go a much different way. They need to create a psn app that allows u to access alot mobile wise. Incentivize creators to make apps for games that give in game rewards. Buy a company that will make games for mobile devices. Also, u can launch an knline magazine this way etc. Get ahead of the curve. U have gaikai, use it. Also, create ur own steam, sell 1st party titles digitally for less with different pre order bonuses. U r on a roll siny, di not lose momentum. U have proven that games come 1ST. Keep it up.

Psn8001922d ago

Agreed !" I bought the first ever Xbox I loved it it was for hardcore-gamers , then I bought the Xbox 360 it was good and paid the £40 a year then I discovered the Ps3 and though hey they don't charge to play online and it's just has good so I'm only paying for cross-game chat .
After that I didn't pay for Xbox live gold anymore it is a rip off plain and simple , and though I still bought exclusives i noticed all these stupid apps I don't need all these apps and with the release of kinect which by the way is rubbish .
What I'm getting at I never thought when buying my first ever Xbox it would turn into a causal gamers console , though I still got all three last gen consoles I never use my Xbox I much prefer the Ps3 .

SheaHoff1923d ago

I guess it all depends on the types of games you enjoy. Personally, I don't play enough motion games to consider it a factor in purchasing a "next-gen" console.

GribbleGrunger1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

But Sony won't be competing with Kinect. On the PS2 they had Eyetoy. On the PS3 they had PSEye. And on the PS4 they will have PSEye2 ... Anyone spot a pattern or has the mist completely clouded the past for you? Of course the difference is that Microsoft are a software company and so bought in the tech, whilst Sony is a hardware company and build their own ... but still that mist persists ... A vague recollection of a 'vision camera' that was a copy of the Eyetoy ... but alas the image fades ... Would MS copy Sony's camera again? 'Noooo...' a voice echoes from the void, 'You can play games without a controller on this tech. It's not a copy.'

... and fade back to reality.

nukeitall1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Competition has nothing to do with with who came up with what first?

It's not a first games, nor a copy game. It is who can eat my lunch, and Sony very much competes with Kinect.

The fact that Sony "might" have it prior (ignoring webcams do not exist on PC way prior), just illustrates Sony's weakness. Unable to be innovative and see the value in the technology to consumers.

So, it is pointless to start discussing who copies who (like PSN copying XBL), because everybody does it, and it would be idiotic not too.

"'You can play games without a controller on this tech. It's not a copy.'"

That said, even before Sony there was Sega with similar technology with the Sega Activator trying to do the same thing ( ). Reality is consumers want this, and MS delivered where nobody else did. Sony is likely to copy this success after thinking it would be a $150 failure further illustrates my point.

Sony has been unable to innovate this generation, and has been running on their brand name. The Playstation 2 monopoly saved them, not the PS3. It was the disaster.

However, I think Sony might be more prepared this time with the PS4 and hopefully learned a few good lessons by integrating that camera.

zebramocha1922d ago

Sony wasn't in the gaming space when sega launched the activator and the dream eye was not meant for games when it was unveiled,your entire post doesn't make sense.

GalacticEmpire1923d ago

"The PS4 Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Next-Gen Kinect"

The less it tries, the better it will be.

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