Top 5 Free PC Games (non-MMORPG) to Play in 2013

David Jagneaux of TheKoalition writes:
When you think of free games to play on PC it’s easy to think of flash gaming sites or Facebook games, which are perfectly acceptable forms of casual gaming, but what if you want a more substantive game to play? Well, thankfully several developers and publishers have gotten behind the free-to-play business model (and in more genres than just MMORPGs.) Below I have arranged my list of the top 5 free PC games that you should be playing in 2013, that aren’t MMORPGs. For that dedicated list, check it out over here! Clearly, your favorite game may not be on the list, so I encourage you all to let me know your personal picks in the comments below!

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rbailey2012d ago

Cool list of free PC games right here.

Vladplaya2012d ago

Blacklight. Got to try it people!

Mikefizzled2012d ago

I would have had Tribes Ascend there with the King of F2P content Team Fortress 2

jaggernaut252012d ago

Both games are in the other mentioned sections actually :)