Sony should drop the PS3's price on Feb. 20th

Gimme Gimme Games argues that if Sony does reveal their next-generation console on Feb. 20th that they should follow that up with a PS3 price drop so their current generation console doesn't get lost in all this next-gen excitement with consumers.

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Abash1738d ago

Bad idea, the PS3 is selling well at it' current price and with a new hardware launch coming Sony could use as much profit from each PS3 sold as they can get

-Mika-1738d ago

I agree. I think Sony saving that pricedrop for the WiiU. Once Nintendo drop the price of the wiiU system around the fall or winter of 2013. Sony and MS will just drop the prices of their system too.

mrbojingles1738d ago

To be fair, if Sony/MS come out with $499 next-gen consoles Nintendo really won't have to drop their price.

Most likely I'd say Nintendo won't actually drop the Wii U's lowest price, just bring down the 32GB to $299 and eliminate the basic model.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1738d ago

Yea because the WiiU is such a big competition Sony would wait on them. Highly doubt it.

miyamoto1738d ago

PS3 and PS Vita are roughly at the same price point:

Both need price cut at the same time

LackTrue4K1738d ago

if they do give a price drop, now is not the time.
they are doing good sales now, they should do the price drop a month before "Black Friday"

miyamoto1738d ago

Yeah. We will get there soon enough. No worries.

From $250 to $200 to $150 to $100 just like the PS2.

Looking at that one can imagine just how long Sony will support the PS3.

Even if it sells just 10 million units a year it can reach more than 100 million units on its 10th birthday.

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remanutd551738d ago

Sony should definitely drop the Psvita price on feb20th.

mrbojingles1738d ago

That makes so much sense but these rumors of this new 4G Vita being $299 don't give me hope.

ANIALATOR1361738d ago

I think its too early to drop the Vita price yet. PS3 certainly if PS4 is announced

NastyLeftHook01738d ago

keep the price the same, the wii u is ps3's competition

AznGaara1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

To be fair the new Ps3 models have only been available in bundles, at least here in USA. Once Sony announces just the core system itself then you'll see it selling a lot more.