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Submitted by DPAD Dave 1087d ago | video

What the hell happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines? writes: The version of the game that just came out doesn't look much like the demo we all saw last year. What the hell happened? (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Yodagamer  +   1087d ago
Seems like the switch of developers might have killed any optimization of the engine, since i can probably assume that the other dev didn't know much of the in's and outs of the engine causing them just to take stuff out.
Venox2008  +   1087d ago
I hope that they gonna patch game right
Ghoul  +   1087d ago

read it a small explanation from an insider
SnakeCQC  +   1087d ago
didnt they outsource the game?
Summons75  +   1087d ago
Well from a game announced in 2006 that was suppose to be a revived canceled game from 2001 with countless delays....I expected nothing less then failure from this title. Love Aliens, such an amazing movie but it should stay as such.
pr0digyZA  +   1087d ago
Wow strange to see a work in progress look worse than the final build.
pr0digyZA  +   1087d ago
Hmmm apparently the final build looks better than the demo going from the disagrees.
Kevlar009  +   1087d ago
Most interesting part for me started around 2:20. It weird how much it has changed.

It's like going from low PC settings to high. The difference is that noticeable from demo to final

Can anyone confirm it's like this for all versions?
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grifter024  +   1087d ago
This is just sad. Once Gearbox destroys Brothers In Arms, which they almost did with that stupid furious 4 crap...I'll be done with them and never buying a game from their team again.

I gave up on Borderlands with that horrible horrible ending to the first so that games doesn't even matter to me.
RememberThe357  +   1087d ago
I'm glad this is doing horribly only because outsourcing the game was a stupid idea. These guys are finding success in other areas so I'm not concerned about them, but I really hope they learned a lesson, this could have been a cool ass game.
IaMs12  +   1087d ago
They better damn do something about this soon. Overhaul the who freaking game with a huge patch, something.
aliengmr  +   1087d ago
I have to admit, the DEMO was far superior. There is really no way to deny that. Its not so much the visual quality but the "atmosphere". In that regard the differences are night and day.
ceballos77mx  +   1087d ago
How's the MP?
Justinakach0ppa  +   1087d ago
Just to let you guys know, some of the demo and final footage is wrongly labelled in the video, basically anything that looks better is the demo and not the final.
sprinterboy  +   1087d ago
I enjoyed it
lovegames718  +   1087d ago
Some of you ppl are real gullible and let devs. Slide when their incompetent. If you think Gearbox didn't have a major part in this production so and mp your.fools and fanboys. Doesn't matter who worked in connection with them Gearbox was a major player and made crap. Wouldn't have been the first time either so stop looking for scapegoats for these Devs. That aren't even premier devs. Wow they made borderlands big $ They hyped up this trash now let them wallow in it.
Dr-Zoidberg  +   1087d ago
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MrDead  +   1087d ago
We need a company that will treat our much loved xenomorphs with the respect they deserve. For too long has our quick buck movie and game industry treated the Alien franchise like a cash cow, tying them up and sucking the slowly souring milk from its chapped rotting teats.

Someone please buy the rights for this franchise and give us the game that brings back the awe associated with the Aliens of old.
Dr-Zoidberg  +   1087d ago
I have not commented on here for a long time, I am a huge Aliens fan, all the films, comics and games even Aliens Infestation which is far better than this and it is on the DS. I am so mad (I know it is only a game) such a travesty this is the end result this reminds me of Haze all over. I won't touch this game I have never been mad about a game but I wont touch this shit I am done waiting for a decent Alien game again. Great, two flops Prometheus and A:CM, franchise should be left alone.

They should not of outsourced it and kept on PC only, first time I have said this, imagine having Geo-Mod tech better AI etc. Still wouldn't of been saved though.
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isa_scout  +   1087d ago
I'm actually enjoying the game. The graphics are horrible I'll give you that, but then again so were the graphics for Left 4 Dead and it was a blast. If you're getting it to play MP or co-op and don't go into the game expecting it to blow you away you'll have fun with friends. It's not AMAZING, but it's certainly no 4/10; I'd rate it at probably a 7.5/10. I'd love to see what a developer like ID or even 2K(Bioshock) could do with the Alien franchise.
kB0  +   1087d ago
If you like aliens you will enjoy it, but seriously just play it on the easiest or normal setting. I'm playing it on the hardest, and if the bugs don't kills you random enemies will. With no HUD visible in the hardest difficulty you can't even see if it was a glitch that killed you or your carelessness.

Good game for easter eggs and mindless shooting, bad game for gameplay and immersion.

Definately nothing less than 50% score but nothing above 70%.

This game is meant to please the fans, which they could've done better just by making an interactive tour game rather than a shooter at this point.

I would of preferred not seeing this video because now I think we really got out 50$ taken away.

This game is a 30$ or less game, no argument.

Shame on you Sega and gearbox to attached you name to garbage.

Anyways, when this gets cheaper, any aliens fan should pick this up...its just to bad that avp looks better!
JaredH  +   1087d ago
This and the game's reviews bum me out so much. The only trailer I watched for this game was the first demo that I guess is fake. I wanted to go into this game blind but I do not even want to play it now. Maybe I'll buy it for nostalgia if it's ever on steam for like $10. I hope that the next Alien vs. Predator game, if one is being made, is good.
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maelstromb  +   1087d ago
Probably going to get flamed for this comment, but I gave up on Gearbox a long time ago when I began to realize that all they produce are sub-par IPs and, in this case and Duke Nukem's case, terribly designed revives of franchises. And yet somehow, despite hyping their games to no end, when a product of theirs fails to meet expectations, Gearbox denies and/or fails to address its degree of involvement. The same situation happened with Duke Nukem'.

It's unfortunate b/c I would like to see Gearbox do these games justice, but it's rarely the case. On a side note--I'd really love to see Monolith Productions come back onto the fps scene and show Gearbox how it's really done, but I see they were wrapped up with the Gotham City Imposters and Guardians of Middle Earth IPs in 2012 with nothing new on the roster quite yet.
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first1NFANTRY  +   1087d ago
What a F'ing turd. It looks like they used prerecorded cgi gameplay to try and trick the consumer into buying the full game. This is not worth anyones time.

Way to ruin a game i was totally looking forward to.
miacosa  +   1087d ago
Seems like they should have made one game at a time rather than trying to wrap up Borderlands 2 and working on this title.
kB0  +   1087d ago
This game was outsourced, it was made by like 3 companies and touched up gearbox (mostly multi).

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