What the hell happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines? writes: The version of the game that just came out doesn't look much like the demo we all saw last year. What the hell happened?

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Yodagamer2011d ago

Seems like the switch of developers might have killed any optimization of the engine, since i can probably assume that the other dev didn't know much of the in's and outs of the engine causing them just to take stuff out.

Venox20082011d ago

I hope that they gonna patch game right

Ghoul2011d ago

read it a small explanation from an insider

SnakeCQC2011d ago

didnt they outsource the game?

Summons752011d ago

Well from a game announced in 2006 that was suppose to be a revived canceled game from 2001 with countless delays....I expected nothing less then failure from this title. Love Aliens, such an amazing movie but it should stay as such.

pr0digyZA2011d ago

Wow strange to see a work in progress look worse than the final build.

pr0digyZA2011d ago

Hmmm apparently the final build looks better than the demo going from the disagrees.

Kevlar0092011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Most interesting part for me started around 2:20. It weird how much it has changed.

It's like going from low PC settings to high. The difference is that noticeable from demo to final

Can anyone confirm it's like this for all versions?

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The story is too old to be commented.